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Deco-therapy: Keys to decorate a relaxing home

Have you ever heard of deco-therapy? It is a concept that has become very fashionable in recent years and which seeks to harmonize people with their home environment, in order to improve our quality of life.

Some experts speak of neuropsychology applied to the decoration of our spaces. If you want to decorate a house that favors rest and tranquility in this article are the keys that will help you get it. Discover how to decorate a relaxing home.

Relaxing home
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Relaxing colors

It is a fact that the environment in which we live greatly influences our emotions. One theory is taken into account in the decoration of both hospitals and workplaces.

Colors, distribution, light, order and materials affect us much more than we think. In a previous article, we talked about how the decoration can affect our mood and our emotions. If you were useful advice, do not miss either the keys to a relaxing decor.

The colors are the foundation of a relaxing decor. It is proven that colors affect emotions and feelings, so in a relaxing decor must know to choose the best color combination.

Relaxing home
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The colors of blue spectrum are called cold colors, as they convey calm and tranquility, but can also cause some sadness and monotony. On the contrary, red increases energy, strength and stimulates our nervous system. While the orange promotes creativity and imagination and also increases our energy.

The white is light, minimalism, clarity, purity and happiness. Therefore, white is undoubtedly a great choice if you seek a relaxing decor. In any case, we must always seek some chromatic harmony. That is, a light color that serves as the basis for our decor and splashes of color through accessories.

The power of nature

To avoid decor too monotonous, nothing better to brighten our surroundings with the help of nature. The plants and flowers dressed in a relaxing and natural colored decor that brings us the welfare of nature.

The aromas also affect our emotions, so scented candles, incense and decorative perfume with diffusers should not miss in a relaxing home. Choose your favorite fragrances and that you find particularly relaxing.

Relaxing home
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Light is also very important in a relaxing home, especially natural light. Large windows, light curtains, light colors and correct distribution of furniture help us make the most of sunlight. The sun is an inexhaustible source of life that also transmits welfare and happiness, so it plays a vital role in soothing decor.

In addition, of course, do not forget to take advantage of outdoor spaces in which to enjoy the sun and nature. There is nothing more relaxing than a well – decorated and cozy terrace, bathed in sunlight, either summer or winter.

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First of all, comfort

In addition, soothing decor and a healthy home should also be cozy and comfortable. The carpets, cushions, curtains and plaids are not only decorative, but also help to decorate a much more comfortable home.

Of course, we also bet on a neat and clean decor, because the disorder creates stress and anxiety. In addition to a distraction that interferes with rest and tarnishes our decor.

Relaxing home
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Customize our decor also helps us achieve a more cozy and pleasant rooms, where we feel comfortable. So do not forget to add personal details like your favorite novels and magazines, family photos, souvenirs from your travels…

Come curves

Small details are important to achieve a relaxing decor. Details like the forms of furniture. While curves, rounded shapes and sinuous soften the atmosphere and transmit feeling of tranquility. While sharp designs activate our brain activity and increase our energy.


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