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Are trees blocking my drain?

It is generally believed that trees cannot block drains because concrete acts as a cover, sealing away the pipework. However, tree roots can be incredibly tough and grow to impressive lengths in the search for a water source. The roots of a tree can grow to a significant length and will engulf an outlet pipe completely. Most of the tree contains a lot of water and at some point, when the tree starts to dry out, the tree roots can get into the sewage system.

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Another possible cause of how trees can cause your drains to become blocked is the rate at which the tree grows. Because they have a tendency to spread across a large area, trees can greatly increase their amount of growth over time. If your tree continues to grow, the root system will have a greater mass of roots causing a blockage. If you know that you have a lot of trees surrounding your property, you may consider getting them trimmed back. This can help you find the root of the problem and reveal if you need to dig up the rest of the pipeline to determine what is causing the blockage. For help with Blocked Drains Chelmsford, visit

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Removing a tree is an option that many people choose. If you can’t figure out how the trees are causing your drain to become blocked, it is best to hire a tree removal service. When the tree comes down, the roots will be exposed, which would allow a tree trimmer to identify them and dig up the roots to get to the blockage.


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