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decorate with sockets
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How to decorate with sockets

With the ideas that I bring you today we are going to give a new life to the walls of your house. You can enter them in any room, even in the bathroom, and that is because the baseboards add a different touch to the decoration.

They can be painted, be made of wood, wallpaper or with some vinyl. In any case, there are many ways to use them. Let’s meet some of them!

decorate with sockets
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Painted socles

A very economical and simple way to decorate your walls with baseboards is by painting an area of ​​another color. To be the total protagonist choose one that contrasts with the one above. For example, leaving the upper white area and the base in another intense tonality that matches your decoration.

Wood molding combined with wallpaper

Another way to place a nice plinth in the room you want is to bet on the wood in the form of a molding for the bottom combined with wallpaper above. The result will be very interesting since you can create very nice combinations. It is ideal for all types of rooms, even for the bathroom, for example.

decorate with sockets
Image Source: Google Image

Chalkboard paint

If you have children at home, this idea will appeal to you. Paint the bottom of your wall with slate paint and they will have a huge canvas for them to draw and write whatever they want. You can paint the baseboard in dark color, traditional slate, or other shades. The fun result will be the same and you have options to play with your decoration.

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Socket with fashionable colors

If you want to paint a socket of a special color you can bet on the fashionable colors of this 2018. The Ultra Violet, the Color of the Year Pantone 2018, will become a good choice if you want to give the room a very colorful and vibrant touch.

decorate with sockets
Image Source: Google Image

Blurred edges

Another idea for very original plinths is to paint them without completely defining the edges. In addition to being very decorative it will be very easy to paint, since you will not have to be aware of marking a straight line to make the perfect cut.

Weathered effect

It is similar to what we have just seen but, in this case, it is about giving a color degraded touch. It will allow you to play with the chosen tones and decorate your walls in a very original way. I remember this post where we talk about walls painted with this effect.

decorate with sockets
Image Source: Google Image

Socket and lines

A combination that is very cool is to place a wallpaper with lines on the plinth , or paint them directly on the wall. I like it especially when the plinth is made of wood, type molding, although you can also do everything painted. The horizontal stripes will make the room look wider and the vertical ones will stylize it vertically.

Baseboards for rooms with high ceilings

Decorating with baseboards becomes a great idea when you have a room with a high ceiling. To make it look visually lower you can put a socket that occupies about two thirds of the wall. You can leave the upper part with a wallpaper, for example, and paint the ceiling the same color as the baseboard.

With a drawing

You can see it in the photo that heads the article. It is a plinth in which some mountains are drawn. The effect is very cool and very decorative, and you have a lot of options for it. If you do not dare with the drawing you can always place a vinyl that makes that visual differentiation with the rest of the wall.


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