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blinds for windows

Choose blinds for windows

Article about the types of blinds for windows. In selecting blinds for windows, it seems, there is nothing complicated: choose the type, select the color and order the installation. As a result of this kind of “simplicity” many after installation comes to the fact that they do not, for example, use classical lamellae, because sun rays penetrate through them, and Roman expensive curtains for children’s bedroom look too pretentious.

In the issue of interior design, it is necessary, first of all, to correctly learn to navigate in the most important bases of the question. It is not difficult to compose views on each of the types of blinds since there are only a few such species.

Choose blinds for windowsblinds for windows

Mechanical control of the blinds is carried out with a band (rope cord), or a more rigid base, a spring with a handle, greatly facilitate the control process. And also do with remote control, which leads to the closing and opening of special electric drives. Read more: Engineering wood flooring installations and Karndean-opus

Based on a brief description of each of the types of blinds, you can make the right choice, giving preference to one type or another.

Blinds for office premisesblinds for windows

Photo of classic vertical blinds. When choosing blinds for windows, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the company. The determining factors in the choice of decorative materials for the workplace are practicality and ease of use.

Bright execution of blinds on the windows of your office will attract the attention of customers and will be a good example of the assortment. You can use the classics (roll, vertical, horizontal jalousie), and exotic (photo shutters, Roman curtains, pleated), there are no restrictions.

If the office space is equipped with computerized workplaces, compliance with the requirements for occupational health will be very important. The most rational solution, in this case, is roller shutters for windows. Read more: What Makes People Fall In Love With Antique Furniture?

This type of blind allows you to make the most accessible natural lighting, or, conversely, create a complete blackout of the room.

For comparison, you can pay attention to the traditional models: the slats of vertical or horizontal blinds in view of the design features in any position or under the influence of a draft can pass a certain number of sun rays. And, thus, on the computer monitor, even the smallest ray can create unpleasant glare.

Blinds for your apartment or houseblinds for windows

Photo of Roman curtains. As you know, the owner is a master. And you have every right to arrange your life as you want it, and not as dictate the latest trends in style and fashion. Therefore, if you decide to order blinds for windows, they have in your “arsenal” just a personal taste and, of course, a subtle understanding of the needs of the household.

Let’s start, perhaps, from the kitchen area. The main requirement for blinds in the kitchen is hygiene. Therefore it is recommended in this case to prefer simple designs, which will not be difficult to look after. And if we talk about the color of lamellas, then preference is best given to pastel tones. Red or orange shades for the kitchen will also be very handy, as they excite the appetite.

It is highly recommended not to choose blinds for windows in the kitchen irritating poisonous, acidic shades.

For the living room, it is recommended to choose something exquisite with interesting color solutions and exclusive design. Well suited for the living room complex for the execution of cascading compositions, Roman curtains. They will most advantageously arrange accents in the decor, balance the abundance of accessories and furniture. However, if you are a supporter of minimalism or hi-tech, simple white vertical or horizontal blinds on windows will come in handy.

Photo of blinds pleated. In the children’s room or bedroom, so that the morning sun cannot interfere with sweet dreams, it is best to hang cascading, rolling shutters  on the windows. It is these options that completely cover the surface of the glass unit and provide absolute opacity, unlike the combination of single lamellae.

The bedroom, and especially the children’s room, is a place where perfect purity should always be ensured. Pay special attention to the presence of antistatic, dirt-repellent coating of the blinds. It is important to remember that the wet cleaning performed from time to time will not harm any surface.

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