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decorate with old windows
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Ideas to decorate with old windows

Do you like decoration in which you can use recycled objects? If so, the ideas that we are going to see today may be that you love them. It’s about giving a new life to an old window, or to the ones you want. Those windows that maybe you have in your house and you have decided to change, or you had in an old storage room without knowing what to do. Or you can even buy them at a flea market.

In any case, they will serve you to design furniture and decorative elements as special as the ones I tell you next.

decorate with old windows
Image Source: Google Image

A headboard for the bed

One of the most frequent uses we find for these old wooden windows is to reuse them to make a headboard full of personality. You can leave the structure as is, put a cloth to decorate it, paint the wood …

A jeweler

If you want to have your bracelets, earrings and necklaces at hand, you can help you from an old window. How? Take the wooden structure and place a grid in the holes in which you can hook small washers and hang them the accessories that you wear the most. In addition to practical will serve to decorate your bedroom in a very original way. You can also replace the grid with wires that go from side to side of the holes.

decorate with old windows
Image Source: Google Image

Frame for photographs

The wooden structure of an old window can become a very chic photo frame. You only have to place the photograph you want in the inside of the window (you can hold it, for example, with a thin panel on the back, so that the photo stays straight and does not bend).

You can do it in two ways, using the entire window for a photo or placing several of them in the same structure.

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A decorative element with its own identity

So far we have been looking at different ways to give new uses to your wooden windows, but you also have the possibility that the window, alone, is another decorative element of your home. For example, you can put it on a side table, even several of them of different sizes. And that’s it. You have an example in the photograph that heads this article. As you can see, painting it with the color that you like most already has all the decoration created.

decorate with old windows
Image Source: Google Image

A window in the hall

Recycling your old windows will help you create new decorative elements as nice. In the hall they can give you a lot of play. It is like a symbol of that window that you open to your guests so that they know your home.

You can turn it into a coat rack or place it in a decorative way on a dresser. And personalization, as you like it. In white it gives a very sophisticated look, although the touches of color also feel great.

To separate spaces

In the first photo you have seen it already. An old window can serve as a differentiate of environments. It is wonderful in the bathroom, but if you prefer you can put it in another room. By having the holes open the light passes comfortably but visually you are going to separate spaces that you like that, even if they are connected, are separated in some way.

decorate with old windows
Image Source: Google Image

A side table

The last idea that I teach you I like a lot. With an old window you can design an incredible wooden side table. You only have to form the structure and place the window on top, acting as a board. The lower part can be a pallet, for example, or wooden slats with legs. Let your imagination fly and bring out all your creativity.


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