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Cleaning Surfaces With Water

Using a pressure washer is an easy way to clean everything form the side of the home to a deck. There are a few tips to keep in mind when using a pressure washer so that the equipment is operated in the right way without damaging the surface.

The first thing that you want to do is wear the proper clothing and safety gear. Goggles will help keep the eyes protected from the water and the products that are used in the water. You should also wear sturdy shoes instead of sandals as the surface will get very wet. This could cause you to slip and fall if you aren’t careful while walking on the surface. Long pants and long sleeves should be worn so that the skin is protected fro debris that flies away from the surface.

Move plants and items that could be broken from the path of the pressure washer. There are two types of pressure washers that you can use. One has gas that is in a tank, similar to a weedeater. Make sure there is plenty of gas in the tank before you begin washing. The other type is electrical with a cord that plugs into a receptacle. Make sure the receptacle doesn’t get wet as this can cause electrical issues and even a fire if there is enough of a spark.

Connect the garden hose to the inlet. This looks almost like a washer that you would find under a sink or with a faucet. If you aren’t sure of the components of the pressure washer, you can contact a company like Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas to come and perform the work for you or give you tips on the right way to connect the hoses. There should be a reservoir for the water and cleaner, or you might have to use a bucket that is filled while siphoning the water through the washer. The siphon can also be used if you want more of the cleaning product to flow through the machine. Attach the spray nozzle before beginning to wash the surface.

You want to keep the tip about two feet from the surface. This is enough room for the water to flow and remove the debris from the surface while cleaning it at the same time. Spray in a side to side motion until the surface is covered. Rinse the surface well with warm water to remove excess debris and cleaner.


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