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4 Signs You Have a Bed Bug Problem

If there’s one thing that everyone finds revolting, it’s bed bugs. Bed bugs are often associated with dirty environments, but the truth is they can hitch a ride to any home no matter how clean. If you’re worried about an infestation, here are four signs you have a bed bug problem.

1. Bites on Your Body

The number one sign that you have bed bugs is waking up to bites on your body. Bed bugs eat at night while you’re asleep and leave a telltale line of bites across your skin. These small bites are red and may itch, although not everyone that gets bitten reacts the same.

2. Spots on Bedding

Another sign you have bed bugs is if you find tiny rust-colored spots on your bedding. This can be either marks from bleeding bites or fecal marks from the bed bugs themselves. If you find these kinds of marks on your linens, call an expert in bed bugs Staten Island for extermination.

3. Sudden Musty Smell

One particular sign of bed bugs that you might not know about is a sudden musty smell. Bed bugs emit a smell the worse an infestation gets, so if you notice this smell and there’s no apparent reason, start investigating. If you find evidence of bed bugs, contact your exterminator immediately.

4. Insect Shells on Furniture

Bed bugs shed their skin at least five times during their lifespan. These insects can only shed after they’ve fed on blood. If you find these exoskeletons, or shells, then you know you have a problem that’s been going on for a while.

No one wants to find bed bugs at home, but if you’ve discovered bites on your body or tiny spots on your bedding, call an expert. Extermination is the only way to get rid of these pests for good.


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