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decorate your house with traffic signs
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Ideas to decorate your house with traffic signs and license plates

Do you want to give your house a very special industrial look? We have seen in several articles several ways to introduce this style in your home, and today I want to show you a very original one that I love: decoration with traffic signs and license plates. It also has a retro stamp, which combines very well with the industrial touch provided by these metal signs. There are different sizes, shapes and themes. Of many colors And you have many ways to use them. Look how beautiful they are!

decorate your house with traffic signs
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A wall of number plates of different colors

We start with the license plates, do you think? The first idea that I propose is to make several license plates and hang them as a collage on a wall. The more colors you have, the happier your creation will be. The Americans are my favorites. You can put them on a wall in the bedroom, in the living room or in the corridor, for example. If they are from places that you have visited, the meaning of this decoration will be much more personal.

Signs of traffic or works in the bedroom

If you want to give a very fun and different touch to the bedroom you can place several traffic signs or works on one of the walls. In the headboard, for example, or in the one you like the most. They look great in youth rooms although I have always thought that the decoration has no age and that, if you like something, use it wherever and however you prefer.

decorate your house with traffic signs
Image Source: Google Image

A direction sign

An idea that I loved is to place a sign on the wall of your house that indicates the direction of a special place for you. I have no idea where they will have gotten it, I imagine there will be specialized companies that can make you a personalized one. It’s a matter of investigating! Of course, it is very cool.

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License plates and signs in the kitchen

It seems that this type of decoration with industrial and retro airs is exclusive of the bedroom or the corridor, but, nevertheless, it looks at the originals that are some license plates and signs of traffic or works placed on the wall of the kitchen or decorating the island. They give a very special touch to the room, do not you think?

decorate your house with traffic signs
Image Source: Google Image

Street Road style

Decorating in this way is sometimes called Street Road style and includes, as we have already seen, industrial touches through metal signs with traffic signs, license plates, some other decorative retro piece and some vintage sign that you could find in any city. Of course, remember that it is important to acquire them in specialized places, nothing to take them from where they are placed on any street. Surely in second-hand shops or in an old workshop can help you too.

DIY decoration

The last idea that I propose is to use this type of posters, either license plates or signs, to design other decorative objects by doing some manual work. For example, you can place some hooks in a license plate and create a decorative rack for the entrance, or paste several of them and make a drawer to keep your office organized. Even a large signal with metal legs can be converted into a side table.


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