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Decorate Workspace

Decorative Ideas to Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Do you work from home and your office sometimes looks unorganized? You know that a messy workplace is the maximum enemy of concentration so today I propose several ideas for you to maintain order in that space that you create, think and make decisions. They are ideas equally applicable to an office that is not in your own home. There is no excuse.

Decorate Workspace
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Divide and conquer

Many times, and not just talking about decoration, the best solution is to divide things. The first idea I propose is to separate the things you need to work by frequency of use. What you use very frequently, such as pens, paper, trash, sub-editors, post-it … leave it as close as possible without saturating the space closest to you, but you can reach it by stretching the arm. For this the open storage systems are a good choice.

The material that you use more sporadically you can leave it in some shelves, kept in boxes or in an auxiliary cart that you can leave in a dead corner and that you will be able to move according to your needs.

Order on the wall

If your table is placed against a wall you can use this space in many ways. My favorite idea is to create a panel where you can hang papers, notes, inspirational messages, important notices, to-do’s or anything that can inspire you. You can do it yourself if you feel like it.

Decorate Workspace
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Another option is to use the walls to place shelves and shelves where you can store your things. As I said before, you can store them in boxes so they are not visible or leave them as is, in an orderly way, so they also help decorate your office. For this you have filing cabinets that let you see their interior or metal trays to store documents and papers. You can leave one of these trays, too, on your desk, to have the most important things on hand.

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Hide your cables

The computer, the printer, the speakers … If your office is full of cables you can hide them using different ways. There are special boxes that help you camouflage them and even if you do not think the image that will return your work area will be much cleaner and tidier.

Decorate Workspace
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Organized drawers

Sometimes for the work table to look tidy we ended up stuffing everything in a drawer, but bringing the mess to its interior. With this you will not gain much, because later it will be difficult to find what you are looking for. To do this I propose to organize your drawers with separators so that you leave everything in its place and, thus, at a glance with what you need in each moment.


If you use pencils, pens or pens, you may end up scattered over the table. In order to keep order on the desk, there is no shortage of containers to store this type of material. If you do not feel like having them on the table or you do not have enough space for it, an alternative is to hang them from the wall. If you have a handy one will help you keep the desk clear and will be very comfortable in your day to day as well as decorative . You can put them on the front wall or on a side, for example.


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