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Designing Your Home’s Landscaping
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Critical Factors to Consider When Designing Your Home’s Landscaping

Some homeowners are satisfied with green grass and a few lawn ornaments. Then there are people who buy a home and immediately get to work completely redoing their yards. If you are like most homeowners, you probably fall somewhere in the middle. Landscaping is important because it is the first impression that others have of your home. Comparing fencing styles will aid you in choosing what direction to go in with your landscaping design ideas. White picket fences are very traditional while chain link fences are quite durable and secure. Whether your yard is small and intimate, or you have acres of property to design, these are the most important factors to think of.

Designing Your Home’s Landscaping

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What Do You Do in Your Yard?

Just like homes come in all shapes and sizes, so do yards. If there is enough room for you to put out a few lawn chairs and a grill, you can most certainly entertain guests and host small get-togethers. On the other hand, if you are a retiree and you look forward to having your grandchildren come and visit, you may be more interested in installing a pool. Homeowners who like spending time outside in their yards might be eager to set up gardens and ponds. Consider if you will only be walking through your yard to get into your home or if you will be staying outdoors as much as possible when designing the landscaping.

How Long Will You Be in Your Home?

Owners of starter homes and condos might not retain their property for more than five years, maximum. Then there are homeowners who own property that has been in their families for multiple generations. Think about the amount of time you expect to stay in your home ahead of making big landscaping plans. Although undertaking a major landscaping project could help you to sell your property for more money, it could also make homeownership more stressful in general.

What Does Your Neighborhood Look Like?

First things first – if you live in a gated community or belong to a homeowner’s association, there could be some limits on how you are able to decorate and landscape your yard. For instance, various communities don’t allow homeowners to install privacy fences that are higher than four feet tall. In addition, looking at what your neighbors are doing with their yards can help you to maintain cohesiveness. This is important if you don’t want to impact real estate prices. Just as you probably wouldn’t appreciate if your neighbor suddenly painted his or her home fluorescent pink, you should be just as considerate with your landscaping.

Any design element you want to execute can be done, no matter what your budget, or the size of your yard. Know what you want to use your yard for for the majority of the time and remember that it can be designed to meet more than one need. Also think of maintenance, weather conditions, and what the rest of your neighborhood looks like before you go installing new fencing, putting in a pool, or making other major changes.


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