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Simple and practical ideas for decorating your beach house

If you are still not enjoying your summer vacation you are still in time to set up your beach house. We are going to give you some very practical and simple ideas to decorate it. It’s about giving it a special, fresh and welcoming air that makes us realize that, indeed, we have a few days ahead in which it is only a matter of resting.

They are proposals that you can apply in any stay : for the bedroom, the living room, the hall or even in the bathroom. Because printing that summery character to your house will be easier than ever. Take good note of everything!

beach house
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I recommend that for your beach house you bet on light colors. The marine theme is always a good choice that is why the white, navy blue or green bottle will feel great to this decoration. White already know that it is a very bright color. You can also add touches in brown or beiges. Earth, sea and sun in your decoration.

The wood will always be a hit

The ideal materials for this beach decoration are, first of all, wood. It is cozy and takes home a natural touch that makes us feel at home in this redoubt of peace by the sea. You can use it on floors, walls and furniture. Look at a couple of examples. Do not you think it’s wonderful?

beach house
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Other materials that you should not lose sight of

In addition to the wood, if you want to introduce a little freshness in your summer home you can add some piece of ceramic or marble. Light linen and cotton textiles, simple and also very fresh, and natural fibers such as wicker for some auxiliary furniture cannot be lacking.

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Special decorative elements

Although your visit to the beach house is only for a few days do not neglect its decoration. It includes small details that create a cozy atmosphere. If you choose to sailor style, you will not miss shells, stones, starfish or a knot or even a wooden helm presiding over your bedroom as a headboard. If you prefer something more general wicker baskets, some hat hanging at the entrance and some fresh flowers, for example. My bet in this case (as in almost all) is that less is more. Do not recharge the rooms; you will create a more special atmosphere if you put the fair and necessary decorations.

beach house
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When thinking about furniture, I advise you to choose simple pieces and also in light shades. You are on vacation, you have the sea and the beach nearby and you feel like resting. It creates the most suitable atmosphere for it with comfortable and functional furniture. More than anything, because you may have to receive a visit and touch open a sofa bed or transform the living room into a bedroom. Take into account the distribution to save any unforeseen of this type.

The decoration of the terrace

The terrace, balcony or porch will be one of the most special places of your beach house. Especially when the day falls and we go out to these outdoor spaces to enjoy a rich dinner outdoors. Do not forget to take care of its decoration and bet, also, by clear and fresh tones. There will not be lacking comfortable furniture to eat, such as a table and chairs, and if you have space I invite you to design another place to rest, chill out, where to spend a pleasant summer’s night. A nice lighting with bulbs, for example, will give the perfect touch to this place.


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