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Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home
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Tips To Help You Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is an important style detail that can easily be overlooked but can dramatically alter the appearance of a room. Choosing the right lighting can enhance your home’s design in pleasing ways, making it cozy and comfortable. Here are some tips to help you choose the best light fixtures for your house.

Focal Point

Giving the eye an area to focus on in a room instantly gratifies the viewer. When picking lighting in Florida, consider a dramatic statement piece for large rooms, such as a chandelier. In smaller rooms, a wonderfully designed floor lamp can act as the focal point. Sconces can work well if they are paired with a beautiful piece of artwork or flank a fireplace.


Consider the size of the room where you need lighting to help you determine what type of fixtures to buy. Large statement pieces in small rooms can look out of place and overpower any other decor you may have. It can also make the room look smaller.

Ceiling Height

Low ceilings require flush mount lighting to ensure you have enough space to walk through a room. If the ceilings are higher or you’re hanging lights over an island or table, you can get away with pendant lights that hang lower.


You may fall in love with a light fixture, but if it doesn’t match the style of your home, it’s going to look out of place. Make sure you choose contemporary lighting to match a modern home or vintage lighting to match a shabby chic one.


For additional flair, adding a variety of lighting types can pull a room together. Different sizes and multiple light sources can add that finishing touch to a well-decorated room.

Lighting matters when it comes to pulling a home design together. With the right fixtures, your home will be filled with amazing ambiance.


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