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Ideas to take advantage of the space under the window

Do you also have to settle for living in a few square meters apartment? Do not worry! Believe it or not, there are many tricks you can put into practice to make your small home a comfortable place, practical and aesthetically attractive. One of the keys is to make the most of the available meters, including those holes that we usually forget. Among them are the spaces under the windows, which we can take advantage of in multiple ways.

Today we want to give you eight interesting ideas to take advantage of the hole that is under the window. Would you like to join us? We assure you that you will not regret it!

Work or study area

First of all, we want you to take advantage of a window in your home to create a work or study area. In this way, you can not only take advantage of a forgotten corner, but you can take advantage of natural light , which is the most suitable for both work and study. All you have to do is place a table just below the window. You can also create it yourself using a table and easels or a simple shelf.

Custom-made shelf

Another good option to take advantage of the windows is to place a shelf to measure, which you can give multiple uses, always depending on the size of the place and where it is placed. For example, a large shelf can serve as a desk. On the other hand, those that are narrower can be used to place some decorative objects, such as plants or vases. The idea of the shelf is excellent for windows that have radiators underneath.

Breakfast bar

If you want to take advantage of the hole that is under the window of your kitchen, a good idea is to place a breakfast bar. Without a doubt, it is a great way to have an office in the kitchen without needing to waste many square meters. Also, when you are not using the bar, you can keep the stools below it.

Relaxing or reading corner

What people usually do with the space under the window is to create a corner of relaxation that, of course, can also serve as a reading corner. Of course, the ideal would be to have good views from this place. To create a reading or relaxing area you will need a comfortable seat. Also, do not forget to put cushions.


If one of the main problems you have in your home is the lack of storage space, we recommend that you take advantage of this area of your home as a storage area. For this, you can install a shelf, in which you can place all kinds of things. For example, in an office you can place papers and accessories that you need to have on hand. Of course, fill the shelves of books is an excellent solution for all stays.


Even if you do not use the hole under the stairs as a relaxation or reading area, it is a good idea to place a bench, which can serve as an extra seat in case of visits. In the kitchen or in the dining room you can take advantage of and place the table in front of the window. In the image above these lines you can see an example of what we just said.

Storage cabinet

Beyond the shelves, many furniture that can be placed under the window to gain space for storage. Thus, you can opt for the banks that have room to store inside, the chests, the consoles …

Bedside table

Finally, we want to comment that, depending on the layout of the bedroom, the space under the window can serve as a bedside table. All you need to do is place a shelf.


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