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How To Brighten Up Any Space

It’s easy to start feeling cramped in your space and bored with your decor. Giving your space a fresh touch doesn’t have to involve expensive remodeling. Instead, it’s all about making small changes that will make the space feel as good as new. Here are some tips on how you can brighten up any space with only some minor changes.

Add A Rug

If you’re sick of staring at the same old floor but don’t want to have new flooring installed, consider an area rug. Traditional area rugs are a simple way to truly transform a space. If you can’t find any good rug options in any stores close to you, consider shopping for a rug on the internet. Online area rugs are just as attractive as their in-store counterparts and are often available at a great price.

Put It In A Frame

If you have lots of posters hanging, consider having them framed. Posters tacked directly to the wall can give your space a “college dorm” feel. However, posters hung in a frame instantly give the room a more mature and sophisticated vibe. You don’t have to spend a fortune having your posters professionally framed. You can find inexpensive frames online or at big box stores and do it yourself.

Hang Mirrors

If you live in a small space, it’s easy to feel a tad stifled. One of the simplest ways to make a space feel larger is with mirrors. Mirrors really open up any room, no matter how small. Hang a few mirrors around your small apartment if you want to instantly feel like your space is a lot larger than it actually is.

Candles and Small Decor Items

Giving your space a fresh new feel doesn’t have to involve anything major. Small decor items can be a great and quite inexpensive way to give your apartment a fresh new look. Candles are particularly great, as they instantly create a feeling of serenity in any area. These little touches can do wonders for an otherwise drab living room or bedroom.

There are other things you can do if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, such as putting a new color of paint on the walls. Remember, freshening up your living space doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve a lot of work. All of these tips will help you to better enjoy the space you inhabit.


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