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Rustic house
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Rustic house in a former Australian farm

Today we moved to a small town south of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. It is called Poowong and is located about 100 kilometers from Melbourne. Here we will delve into a beautiful rustic house, very delicate and cozy, located in a converted farmhouse in a home with lots of personality. Want to find out?

Located in the green field

This sweet little farm is located on a large lot in the middle of nature, in the green hills of Poowong, and belongs to the family of Tamsin Carvan, who moved to this remote place after living for many years in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. It was a decision made to enjoy with all the intensity of a quiet lifestyle and without fanfare, away from the city. It was what he wanted and since then it has managed…

Rustic house
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The kitchen

We started this journey through the kitchen, as it has been one of the rooms that I liked this house. The cabinets and shelves are made Tarmina remains of Baltic pine. Highlights the beautiful wood stove Rayburn and details in wood and bronze. Most pots are handmade in Tasmania, using traditional techniques, including tinned inside.

Dining room

We go now to the dining room. It highlights a nice corner with a dresser that keeps crockery and magazines. The central table is a long – term loan made by their neighbors, direct descendants of the Danish settlers from the valley. It was drawn up more than a century ago by a local shipbuilder.

Rustic house
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The living room

In the living room we found a nice lamp that combines wood with metal (manufactured by Tamsin’s partner, Allan) and an original side table made of two nacelles wood. Plants, a large rug and a rustic stove complete the decoration of this room so cozy.

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The office

In this Australian housing there is also an office. The desktop has been manufactured by Allan and it has used boards Oregon rescued from an old service station. The legs are made from pieces of cedar from the doorframe of 1920.

The master bedroom

This family is full of artists. The quilt you saw the bed in the master bedroom is a creation of Tamsin and has been designed with scraps of cloth that has collected in his family for several generations. Allan made the nightstands pinewood Baltic.

Rustic house
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The bathroom

Another spectacular stay, a large clawfoot tub chairs this place, decorated with elegance thanks to the use of plants and a vintage staircase which gives it a very rustic and cozy touch. All furnishings are wonderful…

The details

If anything highlights this home are for special use such care and that make decorative details. In almost every corner we can find an element that, precisely because of its simplicity, manages to provide great style and a very elegant each room touch. Not missing flowers or pictures, everything is in place.


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