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7 ideas to decorate terraces penthouses

If you live in a penthouse with a terrace this space can become a very special place if you know take full advantage. Today we bring you 7 Ideas to decorate this outside area, depending on their characteristics; it can be quite wide, as if occupying the entire ground floor area offers complimentary probably many square meters to condition. Let’s see how these proposals.

1. Very natural Terrace

If you want your deck look natural and cozy commitment materials like wood, it is very warm and helps you create a very nice outdoor space. They are also very beautiful those of natural fibers. Remember that they are going to be outdoors and that the material you choose will be treated for it. It includes slate, brick or stone to increase that sense of natural environment.

decorate terraces
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2. Furniture

Whether you have much space as something less, the furniture of your terrace are among the major players. If you have room you can create different zones according to the activity that will be developed in each, one to eat with a table and chairs where you can enjoy a nice dining evening and one for relaxation with sofas, cushions and hammocks, for example. If you like minimalism, this insurance idea seems more than enough. What do you think?

3. Different areas

Like I said, if the terrace is large can design different spaces ; in addition to those mentioned to you before, you can put a garden, a garden, a chill out area … Separate these areas with some pot or low furniture or even a different for each floor. If, on the other hand, the balcony is small, you must choose what their main destination: If you will use more to eat, to relax, to sunbathe or to put plants.

decorate terraces
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4. The lighting

The different areas of your roof terrace should be well lit. For this you have several options, such as outdoor lamps, sconces on the floor, LED strips, spotlights, beacons, etc. For a more decorative lighting you can opt to garlands of light bulbs, which give a very nice touch to your terrace.

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5. Flowers and plants

Decorate your terrace with plants and flowers. You get to give joy and color, plus a very natural touch. Choose seasonal those that best suit the climate of your city and how it is distributed your terrace, if you have light areas, some shade … Here you have many possibilities to choose from.

decorate terraces
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6. In search of shadow

You just mentioned in the previous section, but deserve a separate item. If you are spending time on your roof terrace you should consider creating spaces of shade, especially for the summer months when the heat is very cramped. To do this, install a canopy or umbrella to help you find shelter from the sun’s rays and certainly enjoy the most of this outdoor space.

7. The decor

The final touch of your terrace comes with decorative elements you include. The cushions always bring warmth to the environment and get it extremely welcoming. You can even include some carpet for the little ones play comfortably, candles if you want atmosphere chill out more intimate, a decorative pots or other DIY object that you yourself can do.


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