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What’s in my bag – study session edition

Now that we are done with the final exams and we entered a new uni semester, we can all relax for a while. But it’s always a great idea to start studying as you go and the spring season is perfect for fun outdoor study sessions. So to make sure that you don’t leave everything for the last week before the summer break, we prepared an article to help get you excited about studying. In this article we will talk about some essentials when you prepare your bag for a study session. These suggestions are tailored for a study session and a picnic as well, making sure that you’re still enjoying yourself. Read along, get your favorite spacious bag and let’s see what you’ll fill it up with. For the most instagrammable picnic ideas check out Pinterest.


We’re starting off with an item that is a great symbol for getting closer to summer: sunscreen. If you are planning anything outdoors you should make sure you always have your spf cream with you no matter the season. It’s even more important during the spring, as the sun starts to burn brighter and brighter and you don’t want to damage your skin. The closer we get to summer, the more attention you should pay to how often you apply your spf and how exposed you are to the sun.


Whether you like studying on paper or online, bringing a laptop with you will work great for an outdoor study session. If you study from your books, use your laptop for music, interactive videos and breaks with quizzes that can test what you already studied. This will make your session more interesting and will help out with distractions. You have to make sure that your bag is big enough so we suggest going for a tote bag or something like the ones here: Don’t forget to fully charge your laptop before, as you won’t have options if you’re going for a picnic.

Fresh fruit

Do you remember those highschool days when you’d be studying in your room and your mom would knock on your door and bring you some freshly peeled and cut fruit? This is the feeling we’re going for with this next suggestion. No matter what study session we are talking about, but especially if it’s a picnic, some seasonal fresh fruit will make for the perfect snack in between studying. Not only will they taste good, but they will keep you hydrated and provide all the vitamins you need to keep studying.


We know this seems out of the question, but we can’t make a “what’s in my bag” without including the most essential item. Always keeping a bottle of water in your bag will prevent you from forgetting the last time you drank some. Some days get busy and more so when you’re studying, so having it with you will encourage you to stay hydrated and healthy with no effort.


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