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Christmas wreath
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How to make a Christmas wreath pompoms

A month to Christmas and many houses begin to receive it. The crafts are a great source of creation of Christmas decorations customize the most ideal for decorating your home at this time, so we take this section to show tutorials with which you can dress your rooms this Christmas. We saw how to make a snowball home and now want me teach you to create a beautiful crown pompoms to put on a door or wherever you like. We started!

Garland pompoms

This DIY I teach you are the blog Design Improvised and he can make a crown of pompoms, one of the star items of the season both in fashion and in decoration.

Christmas wreath
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Materials you will need

Let’s work. First we prepare the materials needed to make your holiday creation.

  • Structure of round foam will form the basis of your crown.
  • Large and small pompoms white.
  • Cotton balls.
  • White thread.
  • Silicone gun.

How do woolen pompoms

Although you can buy pompons at a craft store, I’ll show how you can do to make the craft is complete. You will need a piece of not very fat cardboard, scissors, pencil, compass or glasses of different widths to make the pattern and white wool.

The mold cardboard

In the cardboard, draw two concentric circles and cut to make a donuts species. You need two. Put them together and make a cut to pass the wool. Tie one end of the wire to the lead and go rolling. If there are gaps, quiet, they plug into the other turns. Go winding wool whenever you want, the more chubby be put pompom.

Christmas wreath
Image Source: Google Image

Match wool

Now tap to open the molds. Looking the part where you made the cut and put the scissors between the two boxes, and go cutting the contour of the donuts. When you’re done, it passes between the cartons a piece of wool and tie. Remove the cardboard and even the tips of the wool to make it as round as possible.

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Making this Christmas wreath pompoms: Instructions

Become several bobbles (the amount depends on how big the base of the crown). First paste with the biggest silicone scattered around the diameter, both the front and the sides. Then go adding cotton balls and smaller to go filling the gaps you pompoms. If you do manually you can use glasses of different diameters for cardboard molds we’ve seen before. You can add as many as you want! And if you want to give a touch of color, put some in gray, for example, or other more lively tone. The truth is that just all white is very elegant and goes with everything.

Christmas wreath
Image Source: Google Image

Hold and locate the crown

To hold, ponele a nice string of a color you like and place it in the front door of your house or room wall over the fireplace or in a mirror.

More ideas for your Christmas wreaths

As you see, it is a very simple craft to prepare that supports many variations. If you do not go try to manufacture it with pompoms dried pineapples, sticking them in a foam base like the one we used in this DIY. You can also do it with the typical Christmas tree balls, colorful and bright, forestland Tinsel, making and distributing paper cones around the crown … There are plenty of options! Which one you are staying to decorate your home this Christmas?


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