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Four Ways to Improve your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

Something that is essential to our health – from our mental wellbeing to the health of our immune system – is sleep. Getting a good night sleep is an important part of all round health, so if you are struggling with this, one of the best things that you can do to improve your sleep is to create a relaxing and restful bedroom.

If you are wanting to create a sleep haven to improve your rest, here are some ideas which will help you to make a peaceful sanctuary devoted to sleep…

Have a Comfortable Bed – This is one of the obvious ones, but it is so important! Often, a bad bed will give you a bad night’s sleep, so really make your bed as comfortable as possible. You may need a new mattress if this is causing you problems, or it might be that you want the bed to have comfortable throws and pillows that you can snuggle into after a long day. If you have back problems, look into beds and mattresses that offer support for this.

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Tidy Up – If you are sleeping in a disorganised and cluttered room, this is not going to give you the feeling of relaxation that you need! Have a declutter and look into suitable storage options for the bedroom such as these bespoke fitted wardrobes as this will give you a much more organised room to really relax in.

Choose Calming Colours – The colours that we see have an effect on our brains, so when it comes to choosing the right colours for your bedroom, look into calming and soothing tones. Natural colours are always good for rest, as well as blues and greens which also give a sense of calm. Stay away from harsh and bright colours as these tend to stimulate the brain rather than relax it.

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Use Relaxing Lighting – You want to create a relaxing and restful ambience but beware of using lights that are too bright for the bedroom. Soft and warm lighting and calming warm lightbulbs will be beneficial. Lamp shades are also something that are worth considering for the bedroom, as these will reduce the brightness of the lighting and give you that cosy and warm glow.


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