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Title Issues That Could Derail Your Home Buying Process and How to Avoid Them

The last thing you want is to buy a house with title issues. This mistake could cost you in the future. Therefore, a proper title search is vital. It assures you that the home seller is the legal owner. However, title search though is a hectic process. It’s prudent to allow Southern Title professionals to handle the process and avoid costly mistakes. 

Below are some of the most common title issues the experts may help you discover. 

1. Unknown heirs

According to pew, there’re over 10,000 tangled titles in Philadelphia alone. This implies that the issue of tangled titles is quite rampant. Before you buy a property, take time to find out if there are unknown heirs under the property. This will help you avoid the problem of unknown heirs coming forward to contest a will or claim ownership of the house. 

2. Incorrect legal description

Legal descriptions of a property include home dimensions, specific boundaries, and outbuildings on the asset.  At times, errors occur in the legal report, culminating in problems. In fact, even a small typo can derail the buying process.  

3. Boundary or property dispute

Land boundaries and property disputes can delay the sale of a property. If different surveys show different property lines, someone else can claim ownership of a part of the property. To avoid such problems, check the property boundaries and ensure the problem is sorted before buying the property.

Final word

Tittle issues are quite common. Luckily, Southern Title boasts extensive experience and expertise to help you uncover any title problem before you buy a house. You can rest assured of a flawless property buying process to give you peace of mind.


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