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Greek island of Syros
House Plan

Summer house on the Greek island of Syros

If now grant me one wish would ask enjoy a few days off at this house located on the Greek island of Syros. With a strong Mediterranean style, it is an outward and decorated with a lot of elegance housing. It conveys freshness and cozy due to the special use made of textiles and colors. However, their views of the Aegean Sea are the love … Do not miss the tour we do today for this beautiful house in which to miss a few days and just breathe.


The design is the work of architects Block722 and the objective sought, and which of course was achieved, was enlarged to maximize the view of the Bay Plagia, which can be enjoyed from any angle, and integrate the interior space and the outside in an almost magical way.

Greek island of Syros
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The outside area

Before entering, we will make a stop on the outside of this relaxing summer home. Highlights the porches decorated with textiles of cotton and natural fiber furniture in very neutral colors. This makes these spaces into a place to rest and enjoy the peace of the sea. In addition, nothing else down the stairs of one of these porches, we find an amazing pool practically connected with the sea. You can even enjoy a moment of rest in comfortable easy chairs also it seems to take us up into the water…


The interior spaces interconnected pass while ensuring the privacy of each. Its decor is simple, with a predominance of materials like wood, stone, and neutral tones. Once all an invitation to calm.

Greek island of Syros
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The distribution

The entrance to this apartment is in the back, after a gentle descent through courtyards with aromatic plants. The main volume includes common areas; there is a slightly higher volume where a private area for the enjoyment of the owners of this house is. Both are next to each other under a common and facing the magnificent view of the bay cover.

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The living room and kitchen

The living room and kitchen are united in the same central space of the house. An amazing island wooden chairs the working area, while the dedicated to relax find sofas, lots of cushions and a carpet that brings warmth to this place. This feeling is also achieved, thanks to the fireplace that is located in this area and where it has designed a comfortable reading corner. Large windows allow to enjoy the Aegean Sea also from within. Both spaces are connected and share ground but the use of different materials and colors for each of them gets distinguish visually.

Greek island of Syros
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The bedroom

The bedroom is decorated in cool grays and whites and the use of wood to create an original bedside table gives this place a very special personality.

The bathroom

One of the rooms that are striking in this route is the bathroom, with a spectacular stone bathtub embedded in the ground and huge windows from which you can enjoy, once again, the wonderful exterior views.


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