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Ideas to decorate a room cramped bathroom

You may have the luck of having a bathroom of large proportions. But if it is not the case the decorative ideas that we present today will interest you. These rooms can be complicated distributions or simply is not enough, be narrow. It is one of the possible alternatives that we can find and, therefore, we bring solutions and tips so you can maximize the space if your bathroom is this way.

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The distribution of a narrow bathroom

Usually, usually a narrow bathroom toilet and sink in one of the shower walls and the bottom, occupying the width of the room, leaving another free walls to promote passage. However, we can take this wall to place a shelf and give some use to this area through the vertical storage. Yes, it must be high enough and be close to not disturb the pass. Place a few wicker baskets to keep things that do not employ daily or put towels in sight; always it gives a very cozy feeling.

Harnessing the wall above the toilet

In these narrow baths it is essential to use the available space on the walls. An area, which frequently forgets, is left on the toilet, an area in which you can put shelves, furniture that fits the shape of the toilet or even the towel rail. So you can clear the other wall it does not obstruct traffic too.

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For visually the space look larger, you can paint the walls of the sides of soft tones and clarities and leave a dark background for color, so it will appear that the bathroom is wider.

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The door

This better surely you’ve found it already, but if you have a choice as to its location, it is important that in a long narrow the bathroom door be located on one of its short ends, so that opening does not bother when you go to put health. If you are on the long side and in the center, a solution can be change by a sliding door that favor the placement of the elements of the bathroom.


The mirrors are always our great allies when we want to decorate a small space. In this case, if you put a big one you get that the space is visually wider and brighter.

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Sanitary suspended

To avoid saturating excess available space you can put health smallest of the usual, more compact and narrow. Another option are the sinks, toilets and bidets suspended; They have less depth and are very useful for a narrow bathroom. If the faucet out of the wall also earn space and not be flat on the floor provide a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Shelves under the sink

If you have chosen a suspended sink and do not want to saturate the space beneath it, but do not waste it, put some shelves to put towels on them or some baskets to keep the toilet paper, for example. It will help to maintain order and keep your stuff without the stay was especially overdone.


If you use the same tile on the floor and walls will achieve unify the space and seem larger. Whether large or small you place, the effect will be very interesting.


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