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How to build a barbecue with refractory bricks
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How to build a barbecue with refractory bricks?

It is well known that, with the arrival of summer, you want to spend some time outdoors and in a company. If you have a garden or green space at your home, you can roast different dishes and invite friends or relatives. There are various barbecues on the market, but you should know that you can build one independently and precisely as you wish. In the guide that follows, step by step, I will explain how to build a barbecue with refractory bricks. The procedure undoubtedly takes some time, but it is possible to create a perfect barbecue with a bit of skill and commitment.

How to build a barbecue with refractory bricks?

You will need:

  • Cement mortar
  • Refractory bricks
  • Grill
  • Level
  • Trowel
  • Meter
  • Stone or concrete plate
  • Grill
  • Bucket

How to build a barbecue with refractory bricks

The placement of the barbecue

Before making a barbecue, including one with refractory bricks, it is necessary to check the current legal provisions. The relative standards regulate three points: the positioning of the barbecue, its base, and the possible presence of the flue. Regarding the positioning of the barbecue, it must be said that it must be located at a point that is easily monitored and at the same time reachable. It is therefore advisable to place it just outside the house, possibly next to the kitchen. If the barbecue is positioned inside the house, the flue is essential and must be perfect from a structural point of view and therefore functional. Read out the benefits of having a patio.

The design and measurements of the barbecue

At this point, we need to design the barbecue. In particular, it is necessary to define a starting project on paper and then write down everything needed for its realization. So make a drawing to scale and calculate the approximate amount of material needed to build the barbecue in the best possible way.

Mark the reference measurements on the sheet, which are approximately 125 x 85 cm and 90 cm in height. Then draw the measurements in pencil in the place where the barbecue you intend to build will be built. Keep in mind that it is always advisable to start from an existing base flooring. If there is no base flooring, it will be necessary to create foundations to give solidity to work and ensure that it proceeds regularly and without a hitch.

The realization of the side walls with the use of mortar

Now it is necessary to make the sidewalls, arranging two rows of bricks for each. For these walls, the mortar must be prepared and, in this regard, three parts of sand and one of cement must be added to the compound. Subsequently, water must be added until a good density is reached. If you are not sure of your skills as a bricklayer, you can buy the ready-to-use mortar directly from an authorized dealer.

The alignment is checked with a level at each row, and any imperfections are corrected, always using mortar. When you reach a height of about 60 centimeters from the ground, you must arrange the support for the embers with the ash collector (in stone or concrete) and fix it with mortar. Proceed with two more poses and fix the grid in the same way as the plate. Complete at this point with the last row to finish everything paying close attention to the aesthetic finishes.

The laying of the last layers

In the final phase of construction of the barbecue with refractory bricks, the last layers are laid. This type of procedure takes place with a minimal variation, i.e., in the side walls, it is necessary to alternate the orientation of the bricks in alternate layers. It may seem complex, but in reality, if the bricks are placed next to each other for the short side, starting from the fourth or fifth layer, they must be placed side by side for the long side, applying the rule of alternating layers. I.e., one layer yes and one layer no.

Once all is done, a small part of the mortar is removed from the joints to create the typical concave effect and wait a couple of days for everything to dry. After completing the masonry work and making sure that the final result is satisfactory, the construction of compartments and shelves can be added to the initial project to complete the work. These accessories will be undoubtedly helpful as support for storing wood, utensils and food.

To create an excellent barbecue design, refer, if possible, to models already present on the internet to have some basic ideas quite clear.


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