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Environmentally-friendly roofing options

As we are all becoming increasingly environmentally aware, when it comes to choosing a new roof, you might be wondering which are the best environmentally friendly roofing materials to choose?

Solarglass roof – Looking to the future, forget solar panels but imagine installing a solarglass roof. The tiles themselves produce enough energy to power your home for years. Photovoltaic technology means roof shingles and metal can be embedded with minute solar cells. Experts at Tesla are working on their third version of this tech and although the outlay would be costly, it would eliminate your energy costs for decades to come! For solar installation in Colorado visit

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Clay tiles – For a slightly cheaper and more readily available option, clay tiles are completely recyclable and offer an economical way to be environmentally friendly. They are very hardy, last a long time and create an air cushion that helps to both heat and cool your home. For more information about roofers Bristol, contact Mogford Prescott, a leading roofers Bristol company.

Metal – Using recycled metal makes this a great climate friendly choice. The materials can also be recycled after being used for your roofing. Metal roofs can last up to half a century and are a great option for properties that need protection from heat.

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Rubber – Rubber roofing is ideal for protecting against heat and keeping the property cool. A rubber roof can be made from repurposed tyres, for example. Shingles can be reinforced with rubber to make the roof impervious to extreme weather conditions, offer excellent durability and you can even choose the colour you want!


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