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Property Owners Should Protect a Building’s Water Pipes

Winter is the most common time for a property owner to need a water pipe repair from a professional plumber in Missouri. Many homeowners and business managers fail to insulate a building’s pipes, and when the temperature drops, the moisture inside a pipe freezes and expands. As a pipe expands, its plastic or metal material will crack, leading to leaks that can cause a lot of property damage.
Turn Off the Water to Avoid Additional Property Damage

First, a homeowner or business manager needs to turn off the main water valve in a building when a pipe is leaking to avoid additional problems. Next, it is essential for a property owner to contact an emergency plumber immediately to have the broken water pipe removed and replaced. Professional plumbers keep an assortment of tools and extra water pipes on a company’s vans in order to fix problems right away.

Clogs Inside Pipes Can Lead to Ruptured Metal or Plastic

Some water pipes rupture because the devices are degraded, but new water pipes can also develop cracks. One of the most frequent causes of splitting water pipes is a buildup of debris or a dense clog. If there is a clog in a pipe, then water will remain inside, making it more likely to freeze. There are numerous types of debris that can cause clogs inside pipes, including:

• Food particles and grease
Hair strands
• Soap and detergents
• Facial or bathroom tissue

It is important for property owners to prevent clogs by making sure to run hot water through the plumbing system at least once a day. In addition, plumbers recommend using a hair-catcher device over sink and bathtub drains. Instead of rinsing food particles and grease into a kitchen sink, a homemaker can put this debris into a trash bag.

How to Avoid Needing a Water Pipe Repair In the Winter

When plumbers arrive at a residential or commercial property, they will make sure that the water is turned off before completing an inspection. In addition to removing a damaged water pipe, a plumber can check the other plumbing fixtures in a building to determine if any other connectors, faucets or pipes require replacement to avoid another rupture. A plumber can check the plumbing system to determine if there are any clogs in the pipes or drains that can lead to additional water leaks. Before leaving a property, plumbers will use a water extraction device to remove moisture from a building’s floorboards and drywall. Property owners should wrap thick foam insulation tape around water pipes and place foam devices over faucets to keep the fixtures from freezing in the winter.


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