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Design Soil tips and trends

One of the most important design elements of the time to give character to a room is the soil, so it should be a priority when planning a renovation or expansion. Although the functionality is a key component, the soil can evoke a certain mood or culture. For example, terracotta tiles are the perfect base for a Mediterranean aesthetic, while pine recovered creates the impression of an old-fashioned comfort.

Design Soil tips and trends

When choosing new flooring for your home, be aware that you will use each specific room and place the most durable materials for areas that are to be used. You should also think about lighting. The subtle differences between textures and shades of wood may be more apparent under natural electricity, so it is advisable that you practice to confirm you will be satisfied with the end result. Once you have seen the effect it will have the materials in your home, you can proceed with the final installation or try another alternative.

Painted patterns

Painted wood floors first became popular in America in the eighteenth century when people began to paint their floors with elaborate designs, often imitating parquet or mosaic. Having fallen into disuse in the twentieth century, this aspect vintage is now living its rebirth. Simple patterns such as fine lines or as a checkerboard look good and prevent this style is overwhelming. Keep smooth walls and choose furniture that go well with the color accent pattern.

Do not be afraid of color blocks

Treat your wood floor like an accent wall and paint with your favorite color to pop insight can give an original style to any room. Primary colors and saturated colors give a kind of grace that is ideal for children’s bedrooms or for illuminating small spaces like bathrooms and small kitchens. The rich colors like burnt orange and blue night contribute to give a romantic touch and go great in living rooms and kitchens. Keep your balance by painting the walls in a light, neutral tone.

Design Soil tips and trends


The wood is often sold in natural tones like mahogany, beech, and pine, but can be dyed to great effect, for example, gray wood ash is a discreet and stylish choice. The combination of traditional materials and furniture in futuristic colors works well in a minimalist interior design, especially in type spaces loft. The pale wood reflects light very well and makes small rooms appear larger and illuminate dimly lit spaces.

Intricate parquet

Parquet floors using different wood tones to create texture and form a pattern. Often associated with Edwardian mansions, in large rooms or halls, it is where best results. In recent years, this type of flooring has been relegated by the influences of minimalist design but painted like wood is resurgent. If you think putting in whole room floors could be overwhelming, you can simply put it in a central section to create a natural focal point where they otherwise would have put a Persian carpet or a coffee table. The geometric designs create a modern aesthetic while spirals and ornate swirls women mean traditions of oriental wood carving.


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