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Scandinavian-style small studio in Gothenburg (Sweden)

Although when we talk about houses that love maybe we come to the luxurious mansions head or very large homes, it is also true that there are small studies that can have a lot of magic. It is the case that I teach you today; located in Gothenburg (Sweden), whose Scandinavian style with natural touches really think you will not leave you indifferent. We started this walk discovering every corner and every detail.

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Scandinavian style

This small apartment is owned by Fanny Henricson, who decorated it with great care and elegance with Scandinavian style in blue and gray hues on a white base, with many plants and very personal details. The apartment is 37 square meters and consists of a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen with an eating corner, a small entrance and a bathroom, ideal for a tenant who lives alone.

Some changes

When Fanny bought the apartment in 2009 removed the cupboard for more space and then gave a facelift to the entire house painting it white. They were small changes and even with limited resources, but which was able to design a very personal home where live happily.

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The main room

The entire wall of the room is starring windows that allow natural light into this small study. The room is decorated in white and blue, turquoise and gray tones, and becomes cozy and warm thanks to the use of cushions, carpets and textiles. Ginkgo plant gives a lot of freshness to this space.

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Decorative details

The map of the city of Gothenburg is one of most beloved Fanny objects. A glass jar serves as a vase where to place beautiful hydrangeas and turquoise bottle matches the colors on the map. All details are taken care to the maximum, making this apartment has a very defined within the elegance that manages to create its proprietary personality with these objects.

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The bedroom

The bed is placed in a corner of the room. The wall next to the door is big enough to fit around the head. Instead of a nightstand, Fanny has placed a shelf above the bed to store some very special books and decorative objects. Fresh green leaves of a small Peperomia are great on the bed as they add a touch of color and purity. On the floor, a wooden box becomes a perfect place to store magazines.

The kitchen

The house has its origin in the 30s but is not elements of the time. The kitchen is probably the 60 Fanny painted cabinets and updated the space to give it a fresh new twist, again, no shortage of flowers, present in every corner of the house, or books, which is also found in almost every corner. The chairs are around the kitchen table are all different, which gives a very cool air to the room.


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