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How to save money when building your house
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How to save money when building your house

Having our house is the dream most desired by all, but building it on our own or being present in the planning, construction and finishing process is the best. Perhaps the only bad thing about this is the great expense of money involved. But remember that it will never be too much if it is to give our family the comfort and security they deserve. In this article, we will discuss how to save money when building your house.

What we can do to reverse this problem a bit is to carry out a very detailed planning of the whole process, to consider durable, resistant and economic building materials, not to let ourselves be carried away by fashion, to think about the growth of our family and the needs that will go arising over time, set a budget and consider possible unforeseen both in the economic and temporal. This will result in a home that will be functional for many years, flexible and durable, and that, subject to some minor reform, will never go out of style.

Today, we bring you a small list of tricks to save money when building your house.

10 tricks to save money when building your house  are given here:

  1. Long-term planning
  2. Select economical but durable materials
  3. Optimize resources
  4. Consider the DIY
  5. Seek permanent isolation
  6. Gather activities, organize time
  7. Invest more in the primary structure
  8. Avoid lots of walls and doors
  9. Take advantage of the enclosures and consider the facilities
  10. Modulate the spaces     

1. How to save money when building your house: Long-term planning

If you live alone, someday you will have a family or you will want to share your house with roommates. If you already have a family, you should consider that it will grow, that children will come, that afterwards they will be young, that maybe now you enjoy spending all your time in your studio or the TV room, but one day you will prefer to do gardening, or you will want a bigger kitchen or the bedroom on the ground floor. All these points must be taken into account if you plan properly the construction of your home.

Although you do not know what will happen, one option is to allow flexibility in the management of spaces, build light walls in the interior, leave a considerable area outside and prepare the floor and ceiling slabs to receive one more floor.

 Long-term planning

2. How to save money when building your house: Select economical but durable materials

Do not get carried away by the fashions of striking materials before reviewing their durability and resistance. The classics are excellent; they are classics for a reason. The concrete block and the brick are good, flexible, resistant, but you should consider the climatic conditions of the place where you live. The concrete block is usually a material with a short delay time, so the interiors can be very hot if it is hot outside or very cold if it is winter and they do not have insulation. However, they are very economical.

If you decide for it, consider a section in the budget for insulating material. Brick, on the other hand, is economical, cute and a good insulator, do not worry. It is also extremely resistant, for life.Select economical but durable materials

3. How to save money when building your house: Optimize resources

This refers to properly accounting for the construction parts that you will use and consider a percentage of waste. The exact volume of concrete must be taken into account when deciding if it is convenient to rent a concrete launching machine or just a mixer.

You can also reuse formwork and, after releasing the foundation, reuse the wood for the slab. Scaffolds can go from one place to another without having to rent too many, but it all depends on how you manage time and activities.Optimize resources

4. How to save money when building your house: Consider the DIY

Although it is true that it would be very difficult to build the whole house with your own hands, although not impossible, you can do your part and save yourself in some structures that you can do yourself, such as handrails, decks on the terraces, facilities or interior walls. Keep reading… the DIY

5. How to save money when building your house: Seek permanent isolation

It is very complicated and quite expensive to invest every two or three years in renewing the insulation and waterproofing of the house, especially those of the roof. Therefore, the ideal is to include an integral isolation of a permanent material from the black work. The foundation must be covered with special waterproofing paint, the walls can be covered with fiberglass or polystyrene, the joints can be protected with sprayed polyurethane and an excellent option for the roof is to build it with a considerable slope, in addition to covering it with tile, shingle (which is a series of flat wooden, ceramic or clay plates that overlap like tiles) or aluminum foil. These materials, in addition to isolating, are excellent waterproofing, extremely durable and there is much variety in prices.Seek permanent isolation

6. How to save money when building your house: Gather activities, organize the time

Plan each activity and try to respect the times. It is not ideal to spend more than six months building a house or spending the whole night working on it. Schedule a schedule and schedule and try to respect it together with your contractor or architect taking the materials on time and in shape. Continue reading….

7. How to save money when building your house: Invest more in the primary structure

A good construction option with the future in mind is to build a base structure made of the very resistant material, such as cast reinforced concrete in a series of monolithic frames and slabs, or large-caliber steel frames and enclosures. The investment will be greater, but to reverse the walls can be built with much cheaper materials, even light, without risk of fragility. In fact, it is an excellent alternative for when you need to make changes such as increasing areas or making the house smaller.

8. How to save money when building your house: Avoid lots of walls and doors

Let the interiors flow, avoid building too many walls, remember that the social area can share the same great stay and it is not necessary to close each activity. Also avoid the doors, if possible leave the open gaps and place them only where privacy is essential. This will save you much more money than you think. Avoid lots of walls and doors

9. How to save money when building your house: Take advantage of the enclosures and consider the facilities

Take advantage of the structure to place windows, the doors that are necessary and skylights. So you save on material and optimize surfaces. You can also consider having electrical installations in sight, as part of the style. This is a detail that you must handle with great care, because it is about an eclectic, modern and industrial style, and not that it looks like a half construction.

10. How to save money when building your house: Modulate the spaces

The materials have a measure, and if you respect that measure and from it, you modulate the space you will save many pieces of waste that, otherwise, you would have to cut and throw a part, that without considering the ones that break in the process.

Usually, the wood comes in English system measurements, but the brick and the block are in a metric decimal system, so first you must decide the type of material you will use and from that delimit surfaces. Modulate the spaces

We hope these tricks help you to build your house. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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