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House in South Carolina
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Eclectic for this house in South Carolina

We’re going to Sumter, a city located in South Carolina, in the United States, to find a house of over 200 square meters that hides many wonders in each of its corners. We’re going to discover all the tour I propose today and where we move into a house with an eclectic style reminiscent own 90. But the fresh start and with very personal touches American ranches. Come in and make yourself comfortable.

House in South Carolina
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A colorful welcome

The main entrance and gives us an idea of what we find inside. And the pink door and carpet with geometric motifs give us a welcome full of color. But the journey continues …

“Man Cave”

Upon entering, right, it is what the owner of this house has dubbed the “Man Cave”. It is a room full of history and stories, where stands wall decor that evokes that of a typical American ranch, with cattle and living with others hung stuffed animals and old photographs.

House in South Carolina
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The kitchen

The “Man Cave” is connected to the kitchen, decorated with white furniture in classical style and wooden floors. A breakfast bar with stools separates the cooking space to eat, but also where you work is a small table dark wood contrasts with the clarity of the rest of the stay.

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A study of the garage

One of the rooms that I liked about this house is the studio that is located above the garage.Long under windows and an island that serves as the tables desk are furniture that serve this office is filled with ideas every time someone sits down to work on it. It also includes a relaxation area and inspiration where we can see a moodboard very decorative home.

The bedrooms

The master bedroom is decorated in a style vintage special, in brown tones with colored notes that are introduced through textiles. The plants bring nature into the room, which communicates with a bathroom.

House in South Carolina
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The children’s bedrooms

Children living in this house shared bathroom and rooms are fun and colorful. Full of personality and totally different for every little enjoyment of their personal space. One of them is decorated in turquoise and pink tones and the other in blue and green.

Different styles with secondhand furniture

The owner of this property in South Carolina claims to be a collector. All that just calls attention in his hands, hence the way she dress your house is very eclectic, encompassing different styles. His philosophy is not necessary to have a lot of money to create the desired space, as there are many resources second – hand furniture or crafts that can help us achieve this. As she says, sometimes the best things find you. Few things at home have been bought new and almost everything is old.


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