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Real Estate News: investment property of the famous

Except for lottery winners, actors, musicians, and artists are the professionals most likely can be made relatively rich in unexpected and often suddenly. If their careers are going well, there is a high probability that further accumulation of wealth, which places these creative minds in the position of needing advice on how to manage their money wisely and safely. While, logically, it is difficult to get access to details of such assistance, the answer is easy to imagine throwing a glance at the most important investment among celebrities: real estate.

Real Estate News: investment property of the famous

Individuals with high net worth, as the singer Sting, who has over 30 years in all out, have had the good sense to put their savings in something as tangible as bricks and cement. Sting, which has a global portfolio of more than eight homes, recently sold his house in central London for 19 million pounds, after having bought for 5.7 million pounds in 2003. The leader of the group The Police has also invested in the prestigious new property development in Battersea Power Station, where he acquired a luxury apartment in 2014. His sixteenth-century villa in Tuscany is available for rent, which ensures a regular income thanks to its portfolio.

investment property of the famous

Some of the most expensive real estates in the world are in Sydney, Australia, where some polls show as the third least affordable market in the world. Of course, you can well afford a site actress Cate Blanchett and her husband, theater director Andrew Upton, who just sold his mansion in Hunters Hill for $ 20 million after having acquired it in half in 2005.

However, since some of the most famous people in the world have some relationship with Hollywood, the barrios of Los Angeles remain one of the best examples of famous investment. While most buyers make alterations and improvements to your home to add value, some celebrities have become so iconic that the mere fact of being homeowners is sufficient to increase the price. In 2010 Marilyn Monroe’s house in Brentwood was sold after 30 days on sale for $ 255,000 on the initial price, having received multiple offers of hardcore fans of the actress.

On the east coast, the loft of the actor Daniel Radcliffe in Soho, acquired in 2007 for $ 4.3 million, is available for rent for $ 19,000 a month, which makes the protagonist of Harry Potter another famous now generates income from the real estate and its performances.

Since late 2000 the singer Taylor Swift shot to fame, she has invested in real estate good part of his fortune. In addition to its investments in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles, she employs a technique known as “flipping”, in which you buy a house and sold quickly at a profit, usually by rapid reforms to justify the price increase. In a period of seven months from 2013 to 2014, Swift bought a property in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for $ 4.8 million and sold it for $ 5.7 million, which got a million additional dollars to use on your next purchase.


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