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Cozy home
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Cozy home in Rotterdam with brick

The house we visited today is cozy and charming. And not just because the brick that is in one of its walls and gives it a special personality, but for its natural lighting, colors, furniture and decorative objects with some retro aesthetic. The house is located in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, and its reform has failed to give a better result. Let’s meet inside strolling through its rooms and discover all its secrets. You sign up?

Renovated house

This detached house was built in 1904 and the reformation has given a new life. It is located in the center of Rotterdam, has open spaces and interconnected by running natural light, which makes it a very bright, nice house and invites calm.

Cozy home
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Like I said at the beginning, one of the hallmarks of the house is the brick that appears on the walls of some rooms. This is the original brickwork of this house that was recovered during the reform and left without plastering and sight. A good choice, do not you think?

Stays connected

The living spaces are connected together and turn this place into a spacious, comfortable and light – filled home. The dining room and kitchen, connected, a bathroom and two bedrooms are located on the ground floor. On the top floor has an open space with a living room and a bedroom.

Cozy home
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Glass wall

Another major protagonists of this house is a glass wall that is in the back and onto the patio. It is five meters high and allows plenty of natural light in this area, but windows that are scattered throughout the rest of the apartment also contribute.

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Colors and materials

The colors and materials used in housing decoration make it possible to create that cozy and calm feeling. The wood brings warmth to environments and is used in various furniture like wardrobes and comfortable, even in the headboard of the bed. The contrast with the brick creates a very interesting game textures. The neutral tones also give you that calm air, that small splashes of color with decorative elements are added.

Cozy home
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The bedroom

In the master bedroom include large windows with a mosaic top and wooden headboard on which rests a picture as a decoration. As nightstands were used wooden chairs that remind us of those we used at school. The flowers give a touch very nice to stay, filling it with light and life.

Air retro decor

The decor of this house Rotterdam includes elements with retro aesthetics, such as suitcases vintage, carboys with flowers in the bedroom, metal jugs, radio and trays in the kitchen … strategically placed to give a unique personality to each of the stays.


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