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Why an Inspection is Necessary When Purchasing a Home

Are you considering the purchase of a home? If so, an inspection is crucial. Since a home is one of the most important purchases most people will make, ensuring that it is in good condition will help you to avoid costly repairs. There are several features of a home that will need to be inspected by a certified inspector. They are specifically trained to check for problems of different types.

The Structure of the Home

One of the most important parts of a home is the foundation or structural elements. This should be inspected for signs of sagging. Inspectors also look for damage that is caused by insects such as termites.


The pipes and plumbing should be inspected to make certain there are no leaks. Showers, toilets, and sinks should be in working order. If not, they will need to be repaired. One example of a company that provides plumbing st charles il is J. L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping.


A home’s electrical system including outlets, circuit breakers, and lights should work properly. The system should be up to current standards. Wiring that is outdated or in poor condition can cause a fire.

The Roof

It is very important that the roof be in good shape and have no leaks. A leaking roof can cause many different types of damage to a home. Shingles should be intact and not broken or missing. The gutters need to be free of debris and working. Checking for damage to chimneys, if present, is another part of the inspection.

Heating and Cooling System

This is another essential feature of the home that will be inspected. This system, as well as any fireplaces and water heaters, will need to be checked to make certain they are working as they should. They are also inspected to determine if they are outdated and not as energy efficient as newer systems.

The Outside of the Home

This area needs to be inspected to make sure the siding or exterior of the home is not deteriorating. In addition, the grounds should have good drainage and driveways need to be in good condition. Checking for leaks outside of the home is important because this could be a sign of a problem inside.

Home inspections are a great tool to ensure that potential buyers do not purchase a home that will need extensive repairs. If problems are found, it can often work to a buyers advantage.


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