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house in Brooklyn
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A movie house in Brooklyn

We visited a house that has been completely remodeled and the result could not be better. It is a house in 1899 located in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, in typical New York building tall and very narrow. Before this change, the carpet was the star of the interior of this species “cave” that have returned the light and life with the reform that has made a building of three separate floors in a magnificent house of four floors. Would you like to tour this home movie with us? We show you the inside and tell you all about it.

The initial idea

When the study Lang Architecture was commissioned to reform this house his client had very clear the initial idea: they wanted to restore the historic features of the house but also wanted it to be modern, fresh and bright, with wide-open spaces. I challenge achieved. The two giant holes in the back made possible the installation of a two – story wall of windows with steel frames that let in natural light to the interior.

house in Brooklyn
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The kitchen

The kitchen became the new heart of the home. One of these big open windows to the outside allows light to fill this space, where wood is the protagonist of the floor and in front of the window features a cozy dining area with a table and chairs and even a sofa. It has two banks of custom cabinets and a wall of sandstone in dark blue – gray.

The entrance

In the entrance hall wall that sectioned the staircase was removed and placed moldings and shelves of work to put the books. The original marble fireplace was restored and wooden floor was installed. This reading corner around the fire is complemented by an adjacent area with a sofa under a large window.

house in Brooklyn
Image Source: Google Image


Impressive staircase, very cinematic. They are original and have been restored by changing the paint railings and steps. They are illuminated by a skylight.

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The bedrooms

The master bedroom has floor pinewood and also has a nice fireplace. It highlights the simple and very romantic decor of this room, with some decorative elements placed on the mantelpiece, an armchair in green and black and textiles bed.

house in Brooklyn
Image Source: Google Image

The bathroom

At the request of customers, the hot leg was painted blue for the master bathroom, with matching striped rug. The floor is wood, as the original three – legged stool that decorates this stay. It also has a shower with glass doors. Bathing the children, meanwhile, has a double sink mounted on the wall, fitting and chrome finish with white as the protagonist of floors, walls and furniture, and small touches of color through decoration.

The facade

The facade of the house was fully restored and, as I said before, were introduced two floors of windows in the back that contrast with the classic front of these brownstone, which is how these typical tall and narrow American buildings known. In the bottom of the Hotel room opens onto a terrace floor slab. In addition, the balcony has a staircase that connects to the garden.


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