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TikTok maximalist interior design

Follow the trends: TikTok maximalist interior design

Influenced by the many social media trends and in need of inspiration for our homes, it’s easy to get distracted and want to go for everything. Well, this is now a good thing, considering that maximalism has become the new popular way to decorate your home. If a couple of years ago the trends were all white, classy and clean, now everything is bold and colorful. The maximalist interior design trend is highly appreciated on tik tok, with many influencers showing their uniquely designed homes. In this article, we’re gonna share with you some key elements that you can add to your home in order to get this bold look. Read along and don’t forget to check some other inspiration on TikTok or Architectural Digest.

Colors and patterns

The first thing you need to know about this type of design is that nothing is bland. If you want to decorate your house in a maximalist way, you should look for pieces that have interesting patterns and some bold colors. But you should be careful when mixing the colors, they should complement each other so that it doesn’t create a chaotic look. Look for a palette of colors that you like and that go well together and then combine them with some neutral tones, wooden pieces and some gold or silver accents. You want to create a room that has a colorful vibe, but that can also create a relaxing environment. When it comes to painting the walls, you can include some patterns if the room is not already crowded with colors.

Fun kitchen items

Another idea that maximalists go for is fun kitchen items such as glasses, plates and mugs. The kitchen sets that were once popular have been replaced by mismatched colorful plates, interesting designs and funny patterns. For example, instead of getting the basic white mugs in a set of 6, get a couple of differently patterned mugs with funny or colorful designs as these gorgeous mugs from​​ . These will give your dinner table a more original look and make every coffee a little more unique. The same goes for your cocktail glasses, you can look for some colored pieces in thrift stores and create a collection that shows off your personality. The rule is to have fun with these pieces and stay away from sets.

Everything is an accent piece

Lastly, if you think of buying a basic tea towel, a blanket or just a simple chair, but you’re thinking of a maximalist design, you should know that everything is an accent piece. This is the idea behind this style, that all the items should have a touch of uniqueness in order to create a space that makes everything stand out. If you stick to the color palette you choose and make sure you don’t overcrowd your house, you’ll end up with a result that will surely surprise you.


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