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You must have a house survey done

One of the many things that is unavoidable when purchasing a house is that of the house survey. Whilst this may seem like yet another thing that you’ll have to pay for it is actually a very useful part of the process. The survey is where you, the conveyancer and the lender get to see if the property is suitable to buy and lend on. The best way to approach the House Survey is not to see it as a chore but as a useful tool. It’s certainly what the experts at Sam Conveyancing will tell you.

There is a very well used Latin phrase that is included at great length in the purchase of a house. You may have seen it on some documents already. It is “Caveat emptor”. What this translates to is the phrase “let the buyer beware”. It’s not meant to be a stark warning or that there is something terribly wrong. It’s just there to let you know that in all purchases there is an element of risk.

The House Survey should help to reduce this risk. It will give you a complete rundown of the house and all the things that could, or are about to go wrong with it. It may have a flood damage or it may have a dodgy roof that you will have to pay out for. It may even have the dread Japanese knotweed growing in the garden. Either way it is better to know about this so that you can go back to the seller about it. Go you really want to have to pay out in a few years time for something on the house?


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