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Why You Should Eat Locally Produced Food

One of the biggest issues facing our planet both now and for future generations of all life on earth is climate change. There are lots of ways that we can start making changes to our lives – from choosing to cycle and walk when we can instead of driving, to getting a professional like this solar panel installers Burnham based company Redbridge to install solar panels so that we are not reliant on fossil fuels.

But do you know that you can also make a difference to the welfare of the planet as well as your own health, by making changes to your diet?

Many foods that we buy nowadays have a lot of additives that are not great for our bodies, and also there are lots of foods that are imported into the country – this damages the planet in two ways. Firstly, the areas that are deforested and the natural resources that are used in some countries to produce the food in the first place are very damaging, as well as the fact that the food has to be shipped across countries and continents to get to our shops.

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However, buying food that has been grown locally means that it hasn’t travelled as far, and also by buying locally produced food we are supporting the local economy.

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Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to get nutrients from the food that is found in the places we inhabit – so living in a cold wet country like the UK, we get a lot of our nutrients from foods like leafy greens and vegetables like carrots and sprouts in the winter months. Eating foods that come from another climate may not be providing us with all of the nutrients that we need, so as well as making our bodies healthier, eating locally also benefits the planet too.


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