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Taking Care of your Boiler Throughout the Summer Months

As we get into the summer months the need to use central heating reduces and we tend not to give as much thought to our boilers. However, in the UK the weather isn’t always great all summer long, so maintenance of your boiler is just as important during the summer months as it is in the winter.

Boiler maintenance is important to keep your boiler in good health, and it means that you are less likely to have a nasty surprise when the weather turns bad if you keep up with it. If you do need some work doing to your boiler, or are concerned by it in any way, do not attempt to tinker with it yourself. You should always get a professional like this Cheltenham boiler servicing company to come and do this for you.

Here are some of the things that you should do to ensure that your boiler is running smoothly this summer…

Keep an Eye on the Pressure – Pressure changes in your boiler can lead to faults, and can be caused by faults, so even when you are not using it as much you should keep a close eye on the pressure. You can see the pressure in the boiler by looking at the pressure gauge, which is most likely to have a colour on it showing you the pressure that the boiler should be at.

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Boiler Servicing – Summer is a good time to have your boiler serviced. This is something that a professional will do for you and will pick up any issues with the boiler, which you can then arrange to have rectified. As well as keeping your boiler in good working order, servicing it will also make sure that it is safe, and is not posing any risk to you or your home.

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Bleeding the Radiators – This is a fairly simple job and one that you can do yourself. If you notice that radiators are not heating up properly or are heating unevenly this is likely something that will need to be done. There are lots of instructional videos online which show you how to do this, and you can purchase special keys for this from most DIY stores.


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