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Do I Really Need to Seal My Pavers?

Pavers are a great alternative to poured concrete. They’re more durable and offer versatile styling options. They can transform the look of your driveway, your patio, your walkway, or any other area of your property. However, to keep that appearance without constant maintenance, sealing is a wise move. Sealing your pavers in New Smyrna Beach-based provides the following benefits.

Protection from the Sun

The sun is a beautiful thing, but it can also be harmful to your pavers. It can make them look faded and start to crack, completely impacting their appearance. Sealing your pavers ensures that this doesn’t happen.

Prevent Weeds

When your pavers start to crack, moisture can enter the cracks. This causes weeds to grow and can make them look pretty horrible. Sealing them can not only prevent cracks but also keep out moisture, which prevents weeds from growing.

Minimize Wear and Tear

With or without the sun beating down on your pavers, ongoing use of them can lead to wear and tear. Sealing your pavers is a great way to protect them from this.

Saves Time

Sealing your pavers means you spend less time maintaining them. Instead of hard work to clean or kill weeds, light cleaning can keep them looking great.

To answer the original question, you don’t have to seal your pavers. It is completely your choice. However, taking this extra step can provide several benefits that can make your pavers more of an advantage than a burden. 


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