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How To Win At Sports Betting: Balance Management

The balance is certainly one of the elements that determine the trend of the gambling behavior of bettors. Borrowing an image that is perhaps more suited to the world of finance, let’s say that we start with a basic ‘capital’ that will ideally be increased by winning actions – in this case, the action is winning at sports betting

How to set up the initial sums

In principle, our advice for absolute beginners is to start betting using funds other than real money. For example, an excellent opportunity is represented by the bonus bets offered by the William Hill to the subscribers of a new gaming account. Above all at the beginning, pressure and inexperience could be felt, leading to making unprofitable choices. Better, therefore, not to risk the use of real money, or at least it is advisable to try to limit as much as possible the use, at least in the initial stages. You can download The Official William Hill Android App now and start keep your betting on your way.

Why do some players lose money with sports betting?

This is an extremely complex question, in which a determinant and imponderable factor comes into play: the greed of the bettor. In addition, you must be able to measure the percentage of funds that are aimed from time to time. For example, on every occasion 2 bets on the favorites, each of which equal to 50% of the total funds available, can lead to good results immediately, but in the long run it is a risky strategy. The total cost of the bets should always be spread over different bets.

How do I know how much to bet?

Basically, each player is obviously free to choose how and how much to bet for each bet and on which events. Many successful bettors, in any case, comply with the 5% rule, which consists in aiming from time to time a maximum sum equal to 5% of the total balance available. Regardless of whether the first bets are winners or losers, the 5% rule should still be respected: the biggest mistake, in this case, would be to try to compensate for any losses with very high bets. This is a strategy to avoid, which can lead to huge losses. In addition, our advice is to bet on single or multiple bets with a few matches, ignoring the greed.

What is the time horizon within which to obtain substantial profits?

Anyone who intends to make profits through sports betting should avoid thinking in the short term. In general, we say that a correct planning and management of the game balance should take place on the basis of a time horizon of about 6 months. Naturally, this data is variable based on a number of individual factors, such as the individual bettor’s experience.

Should you bet on multiple bets?

Our answer is a round ‘no’ – at least for the first time players. Keep in mind that, with multiple bets, every bet added in the ticket complicates the final chances of winning for the bettor. Our advice is to bet on single bets. When special bookmakers, such as insurance or reimbursement on multiple losers, are available, multiple bets may naturally become more attractive. Otherwise, it is better to leave this type of betting to the more experienced players.

How do you become a successful bettor?

To win bets on football, a tip is to try not to limit yourself to bets on the favorites in the market Final result 1X2. In many cases, in fact, these are bets that guarantee a limited margin of winnings, without being sure to be bomb-proof. Much better to document and provide statistics to explore some of the many markets made available by the best bookmakers. In order to win at sports betting, nowadays, it is necessary to know the main markets and their implications.

Moreover, as we have already said before, it is necessary to maintain lucidity and not to be caught up in greed, even in the face of a couple of consecutive losing bets. Reasoning for the medium to long term is the key to everything. From a similar point of view, it is much easier to put everything in the right perspective, without getting caught up in the moment. And then, once you have established your own fund management system (see the 5% rule mentioned above), it is always good to stick to it, even when you get some defeat.


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