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rustic style mountain apartment
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A rustic style mountain apartment in Italy

Cortina d’Ampezzo is a city located in northern Italy in the Dolomites. Its location has made it a favorite destination for ski lovers, who are sure to love this mountain apartment decorated in a rustic style and designed by Mario Mazzer Architects. This floor is on the top floor of a 60’s building and has been renovated keeping the traditional materials. Then we know more in depth. Are you coming with us?

rustic style mountain apartment
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The wood, great protagonist

All the wooden pieces used in this house come from an old farm in South Tyrol, which was demolished a few years ago, and was restored and cleaned to show all the beauty of this material. Beams and planks were used for the replacement of ceilings, stairs, floors and walls. The wood floods everything, from the living room to the kitchen, in furniture and doors, and even in the bathroom; in one of them we see a carved wooden sink.

The living room

It is one of the most welcoming areas of this house; with permission from the bedroom … It is a space in which despite using marble slabs on the floor the warmth is assured. And it comes through the walls and wooden ceilings and the use of textiles like soft cushions for sofas and carpets on the floor. The dining chairs come from Burgundy and are typical of the shepherd’s houses in the 18th century. The touch of color is made by the orange sofa.

rustic style mountain apartment
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The bedroom

We leave until another stay equally cozy. This is the bedroom, in which we see an impressive front wall in which is integrated a shelf and textiles in white and gray tones that provide a very pleasant feeling, especially if we imagine the cold that should be doing outside … The frame The bed is made of wood and the headboard is upholstered with fabric. The mattress is made of Mohair wool and linen curtains.

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The kitchen

Wood is, once again, the main protagonist of the kitchen. It is present in ceiling, walls and in the own furniture, lined with this material to give, once again, an incredible rustic air to this apartment to turn it into a space full of charm.

rustic style mountain apartment
Image Source: Google Image

The bathrooms

In the images of the photo gallery that you have at the end of this article we can see two bathrooms. A small one, the one that named you before, where we found a wooden sink. The main is covered with Botticino marble. The sliding door and the chrome of the towel rail contrast with the surface of the marble and the wood cladding.

The decoration of this mountain apartment in Italy

The decoration of this Italian mountain apartment is characterized by fairly neutral tones such as gray or white, which give a greater luminosity to the wood which is perhaps a little dark. The touches of color come from details in orange, which appear in small strokes throughout the decoration, in which we see mostly pictures on walls, books and some objects that evoke the winter.


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