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Selling a Home
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Tips for Selling a Home

It seems an impossible mission, given the current situation of the real estate market; however, selling our house is a challenge that can be achieved. Do you want to know how? We have compiled some tricks and expert advice that will help you sell your house.

Order, cleanliness, comfort, warmth, functionality … Discover the most important aspects to take into account to sell the house. It strengthens its beauty and highlights its strengths. We tell you everything you need to know. Good luck!

Selling a Home
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Check the house thoroughly, do you need repairs?

Prepare a list with the pros and cons of your home. What are the strengths of the house? And the drawbacks? Be sure that your potential buyers will appreciate the inconveniences of the house, so we must have prepared a possible solution to any of your negative opinions. Is it far from the center of the city? You can note that it is a quiet and safe neighborhood.

And do not forget to check the state in which the house is doing a thorough review of appliances and furniture (if you are interested in selling them too), pipes, electrical circuit, etc.

Check the entire house thoroughly and make a list of the repairs you should do before you sell the house. According to experts, if the customer has the impression that it is a good product, it will not have so many reasons to propose a price reduction.

Clean, impeccable and tidy

Before teaching the house to our potential buyers, we must ensure that it is clean, impeccable and perfectly tidy. Check thoroughly to the last corner of the house and do not confine yourself to the superficial.

Remember that the lack of order and cleanliness causes immediate rejection to any possible client. In addition, the clutter will make potential buyers think that the home does not have enough storage space.

Selling a Home
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A coat of paint

If the house is equipped with furniture and basic appliances is quite attractive, as it conveys a sense of comfort. That is, our prospective buyers can imagine living there. But, besides, being furnished, we hide certain flaws that remain in the background.

Regardless of whether we are going to sell it furnished or not, experts also recommend applying a coat of paint to the walls. A gesture that marks the difference. In this sense, the ideal is to opt for white : it is elegant, luminous and conveys a sense of spaciousness and purity.

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The kitchen and the bathroom: key spaces

The kitchen and bathroom are two spaces that completely determine the decision to buy many homes. So, if you can afford it, it might be interesting to do a little overhaul in any of these spaces.

Selling a Home
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Decorate with the basics to gain breadth

Before we said that a furnished home makes the house more welcoming and attractive because we see it as a real home. However, furnished and equipped does not mean crowded with furniture and accessories that we do not really need.

The more elements the room has, the smaller the space will look. A feeling that we are not interested in transmitting when selling the house is about. Therefore, our advice is to eliminate the superfluous and to stay only with the things you really need.

Timeless and neutral

If the house is decorated, it is best to opt for a timeless and neutral interior. If we choose a decorative style with which our potential buyers do not feel identified, perhaps your first impression is not too good. Therefore, the look modern, minimalist and timeless is the best choice.

In this sense, we recommend to remove from the rooms all the details that personalize the house, since they can condition the opinion of our buyers (for good but sometimes also for bad).

Selling a Home
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Create feelings

Light is life and power the attractiveness of our decoration, so it clears doors and windows to allow luminosity to enter the house.

And, as a finishing touch, it awakens the sensations of potential buyers by adding elements such as plants and flowers, fragrances and aromatic candles to the decoration. You can even recreate an idyllic image in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the living room. For example, a good breakfast or a comfortable reading corner in the living room with an armchair, a plaid and a book.


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