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Recycle windows
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Ideas to recycle windows

This year the DIY (Do It Yourself), it is more fashionable than ever. Of course, if the craft is trend it is even more reuse and recycle furniture and objects or that are no longer used. The rise of this trend is due, among other factors, the economic crisis, which has made everyone we remove our ingenuity to save in all areas, including the decor. Of course, it also has to do with the increased environmental awareness of society.

If you have free time and you want to get the repairperson in you, while you contribute to the maintenance of the planet and save some dollars, we recommend that you reuse windows old. To lend a hand, today we propose some interesting ideas. Can you come with us?

Recycle windows
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As you can see yourself in the images that we show in our gallery, there are many things you can do with old windows or no longer going to use. One of them is to use them as organizers. Thus, they can be ideal to leave cards and keys in the hall or to leave towels in the bathroom.


The windows can also reutilizes as planters, which can place both inside and outside of your home, as you can see yourself in the image that we show below these lines. Thus, we see in the photo on the left was added a drawer in which you can enter different plants.

Recycle windows
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Of course, the windows can also be great as headboards, like doors. Old windows are ideal aspect worn because they provide a spectacular vintage touch. Another good idea is to line the bottom with painted to give a touch of color and originality to the bedroom paper.

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Mirrors or frames

Another common option is to convert the old windows in mirrors, which can then be placed in rooms such as the dining room, the living room, the hall, the bathroom … So, all you have to do is keep the frame, you can restore and paint or leave it to its original appearance, and replace old windows with mirrors. You’ll see how well practical, the result is most decorative. Of course, you can also choose to convert the window in a perfect frame photos. In fact, you can use each of the frames to put a different picture. Moreover, you can also place several small windows on one wall.

Recycle windows
Image Source: Google Image

Furniture and other ideas

On the other hand, you should know that with old windows you can also create the most original furniture, such as coffee table you can see in the picture on the left. Also, the windows can be used for many more things as separators environment, for covering walls and ceilings, as shelves … It all depends on your imagination!


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