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More Tips on Setting Up the Perfect Working Environment at Home

We covered some basics on how to create the perfect home office in a previous post. Working from home is always great, especially since you can be productive and spend more time with the family. You can even pursue an MBA in healthcare management or any other degree you want from home thanks to distance learning programs.

Having a good and clean working environment, however, is not enough. To be as productive as you can be and stay focused easily whenever you work, these next few tweaks are definitely worth considering.

Maintain Good Air Circulation

Most home offices are designed to be air-conditioned and with little to no air circulation. While air conditioned home offices are comfortable, they are not the best working environment when air circulation is not maintained properly. In fact, it is easy to lose focus and feel sleepy when a room doesn’t have enough oxygen.

Even when you use air conditioning, it is wise to open the windows during the day. This will allow air circulation to happen effectively, making the home office that much better as a working environment. If you are pursuing a healthcare management degree online – or a degree of your choice from top universities such as the George Washington University – then reading course materials with the windows open is the way to study more effectively.

Hidden Artificial Light

Natural light is always the best, especially since it is slightly warm and is easy on the eyes. Having a large window and allowing more light to enter the office space can transform its ambience altogether. That said, there are times when you still have to rely on artificial light sources, such as when you’re working or studying at night.

To make your home office space even better, try to conceal sources of artificial light instead of leaving them exposed. Even when you’re not looking directly into the LED bulb or the energy-efficient tubes installed on the ceiling, having an exposed source of light can induce fatigue and make maintaining focus more difficult.

Concealed lighting, on the other hand, is very comfortable on the eyes. You will not lose much brightness or coverage by concealing light sources. All you’re doing is making them more comfortable and creating a better ambience in general.

Stay Organized

I know a lot of people who prefer a messy desk for different reasons. I sometimes let my office desk get a bit messy too, just because I can find things more easily when gunning for a deadline or studying for an exam. That said, a clean and organized desk – and an organized home office – is still by far the most ideal option.

What you’re doing by staying organized is minimizing distractions. Your eyes won’t be drawn towards that little piece of red paper on the corner of the desk. You won’t glance at the newspaper headlines on the other side of the room or be distracted by similar things. A clean and organized office space will help you stay focused on the tasks in hand.

By following these tips, you should end up with the perfect working environment.


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