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Decor with wooden stairs
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Vintage decor with wooden stairs

Sometimes an element as simple as it can turn into something very special to decorate. This is the case of the wooden stairs, the typical ancient staircase that we see today any store room and you will discover how you can help design some amazing corners with a touch vintage and rustic air, too. They are ideas aimed at giving a new life to these objects and also serve as decoration; they will give you the option to keep ordered these spaces. You want to know how?

Decor with wooden stairs
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Tradition and modernity

These wooden stairs with rustic air are ideal to design environments, too, with a touch vintage. They are a very elegant way to combine modernity and tradition in place, since it will give a lot of personality to the room where you put it, can be placed on it a lot of objects. The can use with double leaf, open, or a simple ladder leaning against a wall.

In the bathroom

One of the places I like how are these stairs is in the bathroom. They become a decorative element as, at the same time helps you keep your towels in order, for example. They can also serve you to hang trays. Practices and with a wonderful aesthetic!

Decor with wooden stairs
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In the children’s room

This type of stairs can also help you to give a special touch to the children’s room. You can use it as a shelf for storing small items or to decorate a corner with, for example, some flags or garlands of lights.

For the bedroom of the largest

Equally precious in the bedroom. You can become an incredible nightstand, in a hanger for your necklaces, as subject to put a focus on reading beside the bed, to tidy your handkerchiefs or leave hand clothes that you’re going to update following. Order and decoration always united.

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In the classroom

Do you dare to put one of these wooden stairs in the living room? You will see that touched coolest get him to stay … You can hang magazines on their steps, the blankets you use when you’re on the couch or place objects as if a shelf (in the case of stairs with wider step).

Decor with wooden stairs
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To put plants

One of the uses I like for this type of stairs is to use it to place plants and flowers on its steps or adding a cross – tables on them if they are too close. You can then design an elegant and natural corner vintage.

In the kitchen

As you see, the wooden stairs are well in every room of the house. In the kitchen it will be equally practical, since you can put on her cookbooks, your spice jars or paste, your clothes or textiles or simply some aromatic plant to help you decorate and cook evenly.


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