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Your Cooking Calendar

With so many great occasions right throughout the year, there’s plenty of opportunity to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Here are some ideas to get you inspired for the different annual celebrations. You can have a special meal prepared for all the big dates on the calendar!

31st October Halloween

This is all about baking up something sweet and naughty. From chocolate cobweb cakes to caramel apples, Halloween cookies and tons of recipes to make using pumpkin. Try mixing your own Halloween cocktails or mocktails for the little monsters and baking your own sweets to hand out when the trick or treaters start knocking.

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5th November Bonfire Night

Warm and filling should be on the menu on this cold but explosive night! Pork belly dishes, hot dogs, sticky treacle pudding or a traybake of hot, gooey chocolate brownies will go down a storm after the fireworks have finished. Think about winter-warming comfort food like a thick stew or something to fire up the taste buds like a Mexican platter.

14th February Valentine’s Day

If you want a romantic meal for two then you’ll find some amazing food recipes at Light as a fairy pink cupcakes, a special breakfast in bed menu, romantic sharing desserts and exotic Valentine’s cocktails to set the mood are all great ideas for feeling the love on this special day.

16th February Chinese New Year

Straight after Valentine’s Day is another excuse to indulge in a feast with Chinese New Year. Whip up an oriental banquet of stir-fried noodles and chicken in a black bean sauce or chilli hoisin pork to warm up those winter nights. Include a fish dish as a symbol of prosperity and wealth for the coming year.

28th February Pancake Day

Making delicious pancakes for the family is great fun and everyone loves deciding which toppings to have on theirs. Whether you opt for savoury pancakes for lunch and sweet ones for later, the choice is limitless. Banana and maple syrup, strawberries and chocolate, simple lemon and sugar or blueberries and pecans – the choice is yours!

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11th March Mother’s Day

The perfect opportunity to show Mum how much she means to us with an extra special breakfast in bed or a homemade cake. Maybe sit her down to a home-cooked three-course Sunday lunch, slow-cooked lamb and a bread and butter pudding. Get the grandchildren involved and bake some cute cupcakes or invite her to afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and scones.

1st April Easter

Hot cross buns, Simnel cake and fun chocolate cornflake cakes topped with mini eggs can all make a grand appearance in your kitchen next Easter. Whether you choose a traditional Easter lunch or want to try something a little different, you’ll find heaps of online recipes. Why not try a vegetarian or Italian twist for your Easter celebrations?

18th June Father’s Day

Bring on the ‘Man’ food next Father’s Day, burgers, barbecues and beer! Check out the many ways to spice up the classic burger, brush some smoky BBQ sauce onto juicy, succulent baby back ribs or whip up a spicy, mouth-watering vegetarian lunch. Whatever he’s into, make it a mealtime to remember!


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