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A few tips on how to transform your apartment without much expense

A lot of young families and those who are still renting an apartment face the following difficulties: they want comfort, but it does not allow the budget or it makes no sense to equip a full-fledged interior. Moreover, prices really bite. We turned to the experts with this question. With their help, we found a solution and are ready to suggest how to transform your nest without serious costs.


Let’s start with the kitchen. If you urgently need to buy functional furniture to arrange a kitchen in a rented apartment, it is best to consider compact sets of kitchen furniture. But if it’s too expensive, try simply changing the hardware. It will embellish and give a new life to even the most hopeless kitchen cabinets. Read more: How to save money when building your house

Such kits usually consist of floor cabinets with drawers, tables under the sink, two hinged and one drawer for the hood. The main advantage – they are designed for small rooms.


The curb under the sink – will solve the problem with a not particularly aesthetic mixer and knee. It is best to choose some portable option so that in case of moving, you can quickly disassemble this casket and take it with you. The overall view will also be brightened by a new telescopic curtain for the bathroom and hinged shelves. Read more: Critical Factors to Consider When Designing Your Home’s Landscaping

Living room and bedroomapartment

It happens when the owners forbid to change furniture or make any changes to the interior. But if you do not want to put up with it, then the decorative power of old good textiles will save you.

In particular, old soft furniture can be draped with covers or covers.

If you have problems with the lack of storage space, then it is not necessary to buy an expensive cabinet. You can buy prefabricated racks, and in order to make things on it do not create a mess, they can be stored in boxes or plastic baskets.

Even if the repair in the apartment was not a very long time, do not worry, – any shortcomings can be turned into virtues!

And even the dullest interior can be decorated with souvenirs from flea markets. Old candlesticks, vintage record players and darkened bronze lamps will create a unique sense of interior with a history.

Inexpensive, but bright curtains, also perfectly decorate the room and add comfort and warmth to it. The room will immediately change and you will want to live in it. Completely transform the interior will help with vinyl stickers, posters or even wallpaper! While it is not necessary to cover the entire room. One wall is enough. Also, decorate the walls with your photos or simply beautiful scenery framed in stylish frames. This can be read in the article Pictures for the interior: interesting ideas for placement.

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