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DIY Methods of Draught-Proofing Your Doors and Windows

Draught can be a big problem, especially in a cold winter. Heating bills are expensive enough without having to turn up the heat to compensate for a draughty house. However, there are a few simple things you can do yourself that do not have to break the bank.

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Foam Tape

This is great on windows and doors that have warped over time. It is available from most hardware stores, and all you have to do is cut the tape to size and then fix it to the part of the window or door that is draughty.

Window Film

This is slightly more difficult to do, and it is a good idea to ask someone to help you, as it can take two people to attach the film to the window initially. Once you have fixed it to the window, simply dry the film with a hairdryer. Doing this shrinks the film and allows it to stick to your windows more easily.

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Door Snakes

These are available in many home furnishing and DIY stores. They come in all different shapes and colours and can be a fun addition to your room as well as stopping the draught.


Curtains are a great way to stop draughts coming into a room. These can be made to fit across any window or door, and they can make a very stylish addition to your room. They come in different colours, so you will easily be able to find some that match your existing colour scheme.

Call the Experts

If your draught problem is more serious, you may need to call in emergency glaziers rather than trying to do the repair work yourself. Google will be able to provide you with a list of glaziers in your area. For example, if you live in Leicester then try searching for emergency glaziers in Leicester. This will bring up a list of companies, such as N and U emergency glaziers in Leicester, who can replace many types of glass within 24 hours. All areas of the country will provide you with similar lists, so you do not have to just use emergency glaziers in Leicester if you happen to live elsewhere in the country.

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas to keep warm and draught-free.


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