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When it’s time to move home, you need to be ready so that it all goes smoothly. IMaking sure that you are packed ready can make all the difference to moving day running as stress free as possible. Ideally for a Removal Companies Cheltenham based firm like Brightmove Services to work as effectively as possible you will have everything packed and ready to go for when they arrive. You can ask them to pack the items for you as long as you have arranged this in advance with them. So what can you do to be prepared for the big day?

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  1. Have a plan. Weeks before the move, plan which rooms you are going to pack first. You can leave items that you are going to need on a daily basis until the last minute.
  2. Get plenty of boxes. Ensure that you have a lot of boxes for all the items you are going to move. You’ll find you have more stuff than you think. It is also worth getting some packing tape so you can secure your boxes.
  3. Have a clear out first. Be ruthless and shed anything that you don’t think you are going to need anymore.

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  1. Pack the small stuff securely. Ensure that all non-essential knick-knacks and effects are packed away first and early. The last thing you want to do is to be messing about with them on the day.
  2. Label every box so that the team can get them into the right room for you, ready to unpack later.
  3. Deconstruct any furniture that, like wardrobes, if you are pushed for space.


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