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10 Next Generation Home Security Technologies & Gadgets

Technology is slowly but surely transforming the home security industry, and everyone from CNET to local locksmiths are publishing lists of the of the latest and greatest advancements. From keeping out intruders to home surveillance systems, these new tools are designed to make your family safer. With each passing year, innovative security devices are created that make life easier. While they may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, these devices are already available on the marketplace.

  1. LG’s Smart Security Solution

This small device is ideal for monitoring things at your home. Each one of these devices includes a siren, camera and an environmental monitor. Since it has a partnership with ADT, you can set up home monitoring for a small monthly charge without having to sign a contract. Basically, the connected camera shows a live feed of your home. LG designed it to learn your family’s normal patterns, so it sends a push alert when something unusual happens.

Home Security Technologies

  1. Keyless Connected Smart Lock

Created by Yale University, this lock works without a key. You can disarm it using a preset code or by using your smartphone. Even when you are gone, your smartphone can be used to let someone into your building or to keep them out. If someone tries to tamper with the lock-out chip, the lock will shut down if the wrong code is input five times.

  1. Smart Cameras

Swann offers a new wireless monitoring system that lets you look at real-time footage from your property on your smart phone. When motion detectors are triggered, you get an automatic alert. The camera recording is sent to your phone to show law enforcement. Another smart camera is now available with the SimpliSafe security system. SimpliSafe’s security camera has heat signature motion detection, 2-way audio and HD resolution.

  1. Smart Padlocks

Master Lock has now created a padlock that does not need keys. The Bluetooth Smart Padlock works by using a touch pad if you need to open the lock manually. Otherwise, you can use your Bluetooth device to access the lock without keys.

  1. Endless ID Band

This gadget can be worn as a keychain or a bracelet. Even when your smartphone is unlocked, the ID band will shield your passwords, financial account information and secure data from hackers. In addition, the ID band can be used to send information between wireless devices.

  1. Retinal Scan Lock

The future is now. This device seems like something out of a science fiction film, but it is entirely real. The deadbolt works by identifying your eye composition. Stanley Security offers a version of this lock for residential homes, but it can be used for any company. Plus, a computer retinal scanner is now available from Eye Lock.

  1. Flashfog Security

Security systems can track access to your home, but they can only help so much after a thief breaks in. This device is designed to make it harder for an intruder who is already in your home. When a thief is detected, it emits a stream of non-toxic fog that makes it harder for the thief to see.

  1. IDevices Leak Sensors

This new leak sensor may not keep out intruders, but it prevents another menace from harming your home. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in repairs, so the Delta Leak Detector is a clever way to immediately find a leak. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so you receive automatic updates if it detects a water leak.

  1. Bulletproof Glass Film

While most homes are unlikely to be shot at, this glass film will protect you if someone attacks your home. The glazing barrier can be used on a variety of different surfaces and will stand up against a bullet.


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