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Ideas for decorating with posters, prints and posters

Decorate with posters, prints and posters are a way to fill your house with joy. In addition, with these elements you can create a fully customized interior, so the style you choose for each of them and through drawings or messages you want to launch. Today we offer several ideas, so that you incorporate your decor; look good in any room of the house, from the kitchen to in the lounge, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. Let’s see if we can find some inspiration…

Posters vintage

The posters vintage are one of my favorites. They are perfect for any room where you want them, as there is much variety of models, fonts, colors and styles to choose from. The origin of these posters is situated in the old shops. You can find them with commercial type and also with some text or special message, both wood made from sheet metal.

decorating with posters
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No hang on the wall

The most common usually hang the poster, art print or poster on the wall, but an idea to decorate a very original way is leaving them resting on the ground, in any shelf or cabinet as an entrance, a desk …


Another idea for decorating with this type is to create a composition with posters, prints and posters of elements different sizes and shapes, and make a kind of collage on a large wall. You can put the same framework to unify all or is very different to create an original decoration.

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One big as protagonist

The other alternative is the opposite, i.e. hang a large poster, art print or poster is the real protagonist. You can do it in the living room, on the wall, which supports the back of the couch, for example, or in the bedroom in place of a headboard, or anywhere where you have enough space to locate this element large.

In the outer zone

The outdoor signs are also very decorative. If you have a garden or terrace large, you can use to mark the different areas, whether you have arranged a summer party, such as if you want to leave throughout the year as a permanent decoration. The stylish wooden vintage looks great here, but remembers that must be prepared to withstand the elements without spoiling.

decorating with posters
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Posters in the kitchen

One of the places I like the posters is in the kitchen. Especially good are the kind retro, but you can choose your favorite style for this stay. Often alluding to the gastronomic theme also related to bars or simply includes an inspirational message that you can see every day while preparing food.

Framed or unframed

The posters, prints or posters can put the framed or unframed. If you choose the second option, you can put a rope that goes from side to side of the wall and some clamps that grip (if not too heavy), or hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire rope type ….


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